About us. Epic Awards. Arts Development Major Project Funding Application Form* Application Deadline. Luminarts: grant and fellowship opportunities for young artists (18-30) working in the disciplines of visual art, music, or writing. If relevant to your activity, letters of support may also provide evidence of appropriate cultural protocols, permissions or outline the support of key project … Read More Whether that child/young adult, is neurotypical or disabled, we are all intellectually different. ... an approved eProtocol before receiving any funding. Let’s not judge … This fund provides foundational investment that enables key companies across the State to deliver artistic outcomes, grow employment opportunities for creative and cultural workers, and engage communities. The fund, a partnership between Nesta, the Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), encouraged collaboration between the arts, digital technology providers and the research community in order to undertake experiments from which the wider arts sector could learn. Volunteering in the Arts toolkit. Contact details for Voluntary Arts. Arts Project Support Grants are awarded to help pay actual project costs; ordinary living expenses during the project cannot be supported with SCAC funds. Funds awarded to a single organization in these categories range from $500 to $9,000 for non-arts organizations and arts organizations and entities of local government. The maximum period for running a project is twelve months. The National Endowment for the Arts awards matching grants to nonprofit organizations, literature fellowships for published creative writers and translators, and partnership agreements for state arts agencies and regional arts organizations in support of arts projects in … Deis is aimed at encouraging and facilitating the traditional arts community to seek funding from the Arts Council for a range of projects. We provide funding for individuals and organisations in Wales. The next funding round of the Arts Council England's Developing your Creative Practice programme is due to open for applications on the 11th January 2021. The Show Starter Loan Scheme is supporting up to $90 million of lending to eligible existing arts and entertainment entities that have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Find out where this funding comes from, and how you can make the most of our grants. Projects can be in any artistic discipline and on any scale. An application form has been developed in order to clarify the process and to help ensure that all applications are complete in accordance with established criteria.