Compact, strong and gets the job done. Compatible with Kailh box switches, or any box switch clones. $25 32 and 64 switch lubestation variants. Dummy thicc (3/8") 8x4 acrylic lubing station, with cutouts for stems, springs, and various tools Cut from highly reflective black acrylic - best cleaned with a microfiber cloth. GH V4 Thick Lube GH V4 Thick Lube kits are filled in a 2ml leak-proof vial. All items were correct and accounted for. Introducing these colorful lube stations from KBDFans! TO PROTECT THE ACRYLIC, THERE IS A THIN PLASTIC FILM ON BOTH SIDES OF THE SWITCH LUBING STATION. Brand new from Space Cables, never waste another minute lubing switches one by one with cheap plastic containers. got the job done for lubing switches but the cut out for the stems were so loose, it was practically useless to put the stems in its cutout. Available in: Purple, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Malachite Green, Gray. Colourful acrylic lube stations by KBDFans to simplify all your switch lubing projects. 【Convenient and Efficient】It includes complete set of accessories, you can have all tools at one time.This is a perfect accessory set for those who like to mod their switches. Bottom Casing – Starting with the bottom casing of the switch. No more fidgeting around trying to hold your stem in awkward positions. Made by Space Cables in the United States. These are generally printed in black or gray PLA filament. Specs: Acrylic Rubber feet included Dimensions 160mm x 160mm x 10.4mm Holds … KBDfans Switch Lube Station This was very useful and made the job easier. I assume this still requires you to have your own switch opener. "We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us!" Lets start off 2021 with a BANG ! 【Unique Design】It is a switch lube station of the keyboard, which can be used for the lubrication of 30 MX switches, and it can quickly lubricate 30 MX switches at the same time. Stocks are also locally held for faster turnaround times. $22.99 $ 22. Please try again. Can hold up to 105 switches. Color look great and the feel of the product feels great. It is design to fit cherry MX switches. Holds the upper and lower switch … DO IT NOW! Updated 1/7/2018 : Made holes for stems slightly bigger at 4.25mm. Up top, it also includes large rows for bigger gear. Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station. Get it as soon as Wed, Feb 10. Springs aren't necessarily held in place firmly, but firm enough to where they won't pop out when applying lube ala the stem holders. Regular price $40.00 Sale price $40.00 Regular price. The cutoff time for same-day shipping is 3:00 PM CDT, M-F.Trying to lube your mechanical keyboard switches? Simple lube station with room for 50 switches and stems. Compatible with Cherry MX and MX clones. Ashkeebs is your one-stop shop for all things mechanical keyboards for the smoothest experience. Acrylic station to sort and order your switches when you open and lubricate them. They can fit 24 switches (bottom housing and stem) for easy organization and lubing. Supports 10 switches per row with 4 rows, thats 40 switches that you can lubricate at once. All lubestations will be made from 3mm thick acrylic from this point forward, Ive found no advantage to using 5mm acrylic for lubestations, this also allows more color options. Options added: -Standard- Accommodates most switch stems in … No more fidgeting around trying to hold your stem in awkward positions. KBDfans Switch Lube Station helps to streamline your lubing process. Thank you! Giving this item 3 stars because only 2/3 features work really well, in my opinion - the switch housing holder and the spring holder. A less than a drop of this lube is enough to lube 1 or two switches very easily. Note: If the lube station looks to be marked by a marker, please ensure that the plastic film is removed. ... Keyswitch Lube Station. SPECS. Mechanical Switch Lube Station for Cherry MX and MX Clones. Let's be real, a lube station is good, its such a pain to lube 100 switches individually, putting one switch together after another, have them tip over, and honestly the stems are just a pain to hold and lube … 11 deg incline. Includes lube and brush holders. However, may be printed in a random color if these colors are out of stock. This station was designed in an effort to assist during the creation of Holy Panda switches. Comes in 3 sizes: Small (6*6)Medium (6*10)Large (8*13) The opener itself was inspired by this design by Miodec on Thingiverse. Some switches can pop up easily. Mech Keys Product Question. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. 1x 3d printed switch lube station. **Now featuring a new feet layout for increased sturdiness. It is capable of holding 35 switches, springs, and stems at the same time. Here’s a set o. SA Bliss is still one of the best sounding keysets. A 3D printed lube station for keyboard switches. Acrylic Lube station. Brush is not included. Free shipping to Singapore, or visit us in-store today! Has 11deg incline. 32 and 64 switch lubestation variants. Custom mixture of a thick Krytox oil and a Grade 3 Krytox grease - - - - - Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. There was an error signing up for restock notifications. This product was designed/produced way before we figured out packaging for lube. Purchase Krytox 205g0 lube or get your switches lubed here. It's just for holding the switches while you applying your lube? Great for Linear (apply thin coat)/Tactile Switches, Springs & Stabilizers. Acrylic Description: Acrylic material Hold up to 45 switches,45 Springs and 45 Stems Color options: Purple, Yellow, Orange or Blue including rubber feets The Lube Station will be delivered in … That defeats the whole purpose of using it. KBDfans Switch Lube Station helps to streamline your lubing process. Holds switch bases and stems. Acrylic lube station L(36 x 19.7cm 10T) Acrylic lube station S(27 X 19cm 10T) Lubricant container. A while ago I had the chance to join a private Gro. Space Cables Acrylic Switch Lube Station-Get $10 off-Sign Up-Login. Skip to content. Lube deck/stations will be used to hold the components of opened switches when you are lubing, streamlining your workflow while ensuring that switch components are well arranged. It is getting more and more common that to lube a switch of mechanical keyboard for more smooth and good sound. SPECS Acrylic material Hold up to 45 switches,45 Springs and 45 Stems Color options: Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Yellow include rubber feet Switch Opener: Click this link Warm prompt: Both sides of the board have a plastic protective film, which can be torn off after receiving it. The lube station is manufactured with laser-cut acrylic, … V cute sticky included. Specifications Acrylic material Hold up to 45 switches, 45 Springs and 45 Stems Include rubber feet. Helping you avoid a messy desk when applying 4.3 out of 5 stars 138. So you got the switches, the lube, the films and the lube tools, but now you want to lube with some sort of order in your life. Will buy from them again. KBDfans Switch Lube Station Features: Acrylic; Rubber Feet; Capacity: 35 Switches; 35 Springs; 35 Stems To simplify the process, mStone has created the Acrylic Mechanical Switch Lube Station. Worldwide shipping available. 30 Switch Tester Opener Acrylic Lube Station DIY Cover Removal Platform Keycaps Puller for Custom Cherry Mechanical Keyboard. Mechanical Keyboard Lube station, keycaps, keyswitches, key switch, mechanical keyboards, cherry mx, qmk, technology, gift Wooden and acrylic Mechanical Keyswitch Lube Station! Give a Shout Out If you print this Thing and display it in public proudly give attribution by printing and displaying this tag. Try out these colorful Switch Lube Stations. 3DKeebs Switch It is capable of holding 35 switches, springs, and stems at the same time. Would be much more useful with tighter tolerances that actually provide some friction to hold the stem in place. Lube Station; faq € 0,00 0 items ... Gateron Blue Robin Switch illustration by @winthea. Used to assist in lubricating mechanical keyboard switches. REMOVE BEFORE USE. - Includes lube and brush holders. is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Your input is very much appreciated. You may get many info and instructions from forums like reddit or other mech platforms. The switch housing holder is great... switches snap in and are held firmly. As a result, when you go to apply lube, 9 times out of 10 the stem just comes right out of the holder. Key Boutique compact lube stations are designed in our Southern California workshop and produced in the United States. Tax included. So far its great at organizing the parts of the switch and helps streamline the process of lubing a bit. Room for 50 switches. We believe in the same philosophy that a Canadian Philosopher's once said. Colors available will be listed. Do you need some more color in your life? Unit price / per . Mechanical Keyboard Switch 25 Slots Lube Station by pnilsson is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license. This is a fun tutorial on how to lube your mechanical switches and keyboard! OYY! If you want to lube switches, you may need the Switch lube station and the grease. The cutouts for the lube will not fit our current lube packaging - this will be updated on future runs of the lubestation. Details: Holds 45 switch bottoms & stems Matte Black Acrylic ( shiny black underside) Bent Acrylic - No assembly necessary Wrapped and Packed Safely. We've got you.We're bringing to you a sturdy, custom branded, 63-slot 3mm clear acrylic lubrication station. Holds 10 housings bottoms, springs and stems at an angle for ease of lubing with a spot for switch housing tops and brushes. The key with lubing switches is to lube VERY evenly across all friction surfaces where the switch parts move. Dip it into your vial or lube and scrape it against the side of the vial to remove excess. Colors available will be listed. Share it with your friends so they can enjoy it too! Contents. Lube Station/ Lube Deck for Mechanical Keyboard Cherry, Otemu and Kalih Switches (Lubing) S$15. Has space for spring, lubricant and brush. Don't forget to subscribe to me if you want to get connected! One vial is enough for a full size keyboard and a bit more. Just added to your cart. We're happy to bring everyone medium sized lube stations that can hold 35 switches! GH V4 Lube - Buttery feel with sound dampening effects. Thanks for signing up for restock notifications! Regular price arrow_back. Transform how quickly and efficiently you lubricate mechanical switches with this product. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. (about lube switch). Holds up to 16 disassembled Cherry MX Keyswitches Laser Cut .25in acrylic sandwiched between laser cut Baltic Birch wood assembled with m3 bolts and 3d printed plastic feet. Lubestation to assist with the key switch lubing process. Quasi Sandblasted Brass Alice with clear acrylic. Unit price Note that these lube stations come with a protective plastic film that should be removed before use. All lubestations will be made from 3mm thick acrylic from this point forward, Ive found no advantage to using 5mm acrylic for lubestations, this also allows more color options. LOOK NO FURTHER!!!! Sale Sold out. 99. Print upside down so no supports required. The stem holder is basically useless... the tolerances are not tight enough and don't create enough friction to hold the stem in place while lubing. This 63 switch acrylic lubestation, with included rubber feet will make multiple switch lubing a breeze. These are all in-stock and will ship every week. Has 50 slots for bottom housing, which are light snap fits, so your switch housings wont fall out. / per. Here is the one that we recommend to read. Made from transparent and durable acrylic and available in six colors, this station features 90 specially shaped switch slots, each with its own stem and spring holder.