All that for a fraction of the price of a new chair. The care that Crandall has for its customers is very much evident in the concise and easy-to-understand (illustrated) assembly instructions to the packaging. Thanks! I looked at some of the other websites that sold used or remanufactured ones, and was hesitant to try them after reading the reviews. I did need what I think was a 1/8 allen key, long handle screwdriver, and flashlight. Awesome service parts worked great and videos are very helpfulNice Job. But they seemed to have the most comprehensive processor for remanufacturing chairs, along with excellent reviews. It showed up quick with great instructions and the packaging was good. P.S. Great products and great customer service. Highly recommend if you don't want to spend the $$$ on a brand new Steelcase. I'm very satisfied with my purchase and my posture says thank you! I asked if Monday at 1 pm would work but Dave said that Monday at 2 pm would work out better. If you are looking for a decent chair because you recently started teleworking, this is the way to go! I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my experience with Crandall Office Furniture, Inc. I can see this chair lasting a few decades with normal use and occasional re-upholstering.Highly recommended. Also used crazy glue for the tension knob. The quality of the product is good but no perfect. The staff were very helpful in answering my questions. Working from home has been painful until I received this chair as a gift. This leap chair v1 was instantly what I craved. They promptly help with returns and issues. Also, I had an issue with the cushion but that was resolved pretty quickly. Like others, I was initially reluctant to buy a high end refurbished chair for personal use. I want to say how impressed I am with my Steelcase Think Chair. Loving the comfy chair and ergonomics. The chair is in great condition, I would not have known it wasn't brand new. I talked with the owner before buying a rebuilt steelcase leap v2. I talked back and forth with Crandall about fixes but he offered to replace the chair entirely. I only wish the arms were more padded. What's not to like. It's clear they craft well and stand behind their products and workmanship,**. Absolutely Awesome. I strongly recommend the additional 1/2" padding! Much harder than I thought it they would be. Great customer service and theu processed my order very quickly! I liked my chair so much that we ordered another chair for my wife. Highly recommend it for the quality, price, and service. To add to that, I live very close to High Point, NC (Furniture capital of the world) and have access to numerous wholesale market showrooms and manufacturers, including Steelcase but your prices, fast turn around along with free shipping made the decision to purchase from you an easy one.Today in one of our weekly meetings, I shared your website and my excellent customer service experience with our IT staff (get ready for a number of additional orders for your remanufactured chairs). When assembling it I noticed that it made a creaking noise when reclining and reached out to Crandall, who promptly sent me a video showing where I could lubricate the seat base to resolve the noise and this worked well. I also received no response to an email sent this morning. Great chair -- great experience. Ordered a remanufactured steel case chair from their website. I bought one of their remanufactured Leap V2 chairs. There are some minor scratches on the body but overall the chair looks new. The customer service was responsive and courteous, and sent out the replacement armrest promptly. I ordered two Steelcase Leap V2 chairs after missing my desk chair from the office during working from home. The assembly was pretty easy. Thanks! No complaints so far. Definitely the place to go! I sent a photo of the broken piece and their staffed sent the piece to me right away. Well packed and no damage. The chair works perfectly, no squeaks, and the upholstery is nice and fresh. Parts shipped quickly, the price was fair, and everything worked just as I expected. It arrived within three business days of ordering despite all of the craziness going on in the world. Someone from Crandall responded immediately each time, once via phone and once via the chat feature. I stumbled upon Crandall and decided to purchase from them since the reviews are all positive and they're based in Michigan. All is now well with the chair. Thanks! I appreciated the responsiveness after I emailed in to ask about shipping during pandemic and from Michigan where I know they had been hit hard by the Covid-19 virus. Communication with David was excellent. Amazing customer service and replacement parts! The chair arrived in great condition and earlier than expected. Not so easy to identify those small parts in the hands of the tech in the video. Click to find the best Results for herman miller Models for your 3D Printer. Huge selection and great prices. They did a great job with the re-manufacturing process and I will definitely be buying from them again if offered by Crandall. I liked the Crandall chair and the upholstery so much I wanted to send my wife's chair to be reupholstered in vinyl with the additional cushion padding. They shipped me a replacement the next day. Super high quality, priced better than used, really fast shipping, exceptional customer service. Also great customer service, I had a question on the status of our order and heard from one of the Crandall's themselves. Looks and feels like a brand new chair. They are located right in my own state of Michigan and do an amazing job re-manufacturing these chairs! Spoke with Dave as I had a question about the status of the order but the turnaround time is absolutely insane -- purchased on a Saturday, shipped that following Wednesday and received on the East Coast that Friday morning. Great customer service and great workmanship on refurbished chairs. Like you I was skeptical about buying a remanufactured chair, online.I ordered and received my chair in 3 days, spent less than 1/2 of what I would have on a new one, and I couldn't tell you anything that's different between this chair and a new one. I bought a refurbished Aeron chair that had a small issue; Crandall immediately made it right. I’ve been eyeing used Herman Miller Aeron Chairs for quite a while. And, even though I know it's a refurbished product, it honestly looks brand new. There were instructions provided for assembly. However I was not willing to spend $1100 at this time. Arrived early. A great experience! 60% off of new price for a truly remanufactured chair: new wheels, new fabric, new armrests and a new gas cylinder. I can answer this! A few very minor scuffs on the frame, the fabric is brand new, the cushions are comfortable, all parts are functioning perfectly. Then I came across Crandall Office Furniture. If you're trying to decide which company to buy ergonomic chair from, I'd recommend them in a heartbeat! I received the chair promptly and in great condition. Needed a new part and they shipped it next day no questions asked. Ordered a remanufactured Leap V2 a week ago, and it arrived today. Thank you Crandall Office Furniture, Inc. Exceptionally great service, awesome prices, and quick shipping. The parts were protected and were super easy to install. Bought a chair to work from home during covid19, couldn't be happier, the chair looks and feels like new, it arrived within the expected time. When I got my chair apart, it was clear that would be too big. They were incredibly helpful during the purchasing process of my Steelcase Leap V2 and the chair arrived VERY fast. Would definitely purchase from Crandall again. So many options! There is a longer than normal turn around because of COVID, but that’s as expected.Y’all...I graduated from a dilapidated Office Max chair to this magical butt-cradle, and it’s like sitting on a GD cloud.It was an investment piece and we’re only on week 2, so I can’t speak to longevity or warranty, but if you need a new chair because you’re “old” and sore like me, this is a great option.Everything is adjustable on this puppy. I just purchased a Steelcase Leap V1 and I couldn't be happier! Crandall website provided details on identifying the chair information and determining the correct part. Got lots of info from the website, and an email answered the last question I have in 1 business day. Good deal on the part I needed and good customer service. It was only then that Dave said "well today might not be the best day, I have a lunch meeting and we have trucks coming in this afternoon". Was I happy I did. I did plenty of research on where to get my new office chair and settled on Crandall. Couldn't ask for more. Will definitely buy from this company again. Quick response to my questions. Overall the chair is of high quality and everything works well. I initially ordered from a different company but they didn't have cylinders in stock. I eat, work, play videogames, and watch tv in this chair. All around this was a very positive experience. Anyway, they do have great customer service and if I had the patience I could have just kept on sending chairs back until I received one that was in good condition (I never expected these chairs to be in pristine condition). Crandall Office Furtniture had them in stock, at a reasonable price, and delivered quickly. Seat cushioning need additional attention and work. Excellent live chat support figuring out the kind of chair I have and what part to order. The chair I received was in mint condition. Excellent prices, top quality product and parts, wonderful warranty, easy setup! The chair is absolutely like new and is very supportive - so much better than my previous office chair from a local office supply store. The red looks really nice. Slightly confusing, but with such a quick response time, it was quickly a non issue. Would buy another. Would definitely recommend to others! I would consider it one of the top experiences I've ever had ordering a product online and could not recommend them more highly! It was a matter of getting the adjustment set right and getting use to it. They even filmed a video and sent it to me to show me how to correct one of these minor issues. I found the casters to be quite a pain in the backside to install. After briefly trying to make anything right, they accepted the return and all of my money was returned.It's hard to find a small business with policies this good, never mind such a good product. Great customer service, fantastic chair! All assembly instructions and videos are very helpful.Chair condition is great for a “refurbished” product. Gas cylinder worked perfectly! Would do business with again. Great product. Very easy to assemble. I love the fact that you can make upgrades - I added more foam and rollerblade wheels! The company is also helping their local community by offering masks, which is a big plus in my books. Desk was handled a bit rough in shipping and was missing footer. About 1 week is all it took for me to get adjusted with this chair, this thing is seriously magic. My only complaint, the chair was a Christmas gift for my wife. Assembly was easy using company's Youtube instructions.Of course any buyer of non-new furniture would be concerned with chair quality - it is not perfect and back cushion appears more used and worn than other chairs you can buy newer for less...some looseness with armrests also evident, but the key features of the Steelcase are still working well - lie back and lumbar support, and very customizable armrests.Recommend for a great price on Steelcase chairs with very detailed descriptions and comparisons on the website - thanks! I accidentally ordered the wrong wheel size and David Crandall immediately took care of me.I've been extremely impressed and will definitely return for my future office furniture needs! Easy ordering, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. I would absolutely order anything including a new chair for this company because they were really helpful. Bought a SteelCase Leap v2 Refurbished with Black 3D Mesh from Crandall after reviewing numerous chairs online. The twelve-year warranty is great, too. I purchased hydraulic cylinders for my Steelcase Leap chairs. Dealt directly with David for a replacement mesh and foam for my Herman Miller Aeron Classic. I found Crandall, shopped their site, and thought I'd give it a try. I purchased a replacement gas cylinder for my Steelcase Leap V2 chair. Ordered a re-manufactured Steelcase Leap v2.0. Great Steelcase chair at an affordable price. Price was good and shipping was fast and easy. Excellent service. Great experience. What a great business! Chair looks great, was a great value, and is super comfortable. A pre-purchase conversation helped me select the right chair. )Well homegirl here can’t afford to drop $1200-$2000 on a new chair. It really does look brand new. . The chair arrived and it looks like new! The seating looks great and David was a pleasure to work with. Overall very satisfied with the service from Crandall and the product I ordered. Highly recommended! I purchased a used Steelcase office chair from Crandall. I was a little nervous to buy after the public dispute with a competitor but I'm glad I trusted my gut. Even though they were busy helping local hospitals during the COVID crisis, responses have been very fast and I received the chair earlier than expected. Very professional and they do what they say they are going to do! I picked a chair, and ordered it. } It looks and functions like a new chair. Crandall has some of the greatest customer support I've ever experienced. The problem was that I couldn’t bring myself to drop 1k on a new chair. Wonderful chair! Best of all these guyseven follow up and make sure you are totally happy with your purchase. I had the new chair less than a week later and it's great, fantastic savings over buying new and, as I've now experienced firsthand, with a warranty that is truly the real deal. Truly outstanding! They are so helpful. The customer service reps were friendly and helpful. I've been using it several hours a day for some weeks now -- it's a great support and is very comfortable. Ordered a Steelcase V2 in dark grey seat and blue 3d mesh back. Just a quick note regarding my order. I love the adjustability. Love my like new chair. Ordered a refurbished SteelCase Leap v2, with extra padding on the seat and hard floor casters. So easy to replace the old ones! Get the best deals for herman miller mirra chair at Find an Online Retailer. It arrived very promptly and it was easy to assemble. Couldn't be happier with my purchase of a refurbished Steelcase Leap v2! Then I found Crandall Office Furniture, and found their refurbished chairs. I opted for extra cushioning in the seat and I’m glad I did. I absolutely would recommend Crandall Office Furniture to anyone who wishes to purchase a high-quality office chair but not pay full price. The shipping was fast and I was kept informed as to the status of the order. Herman Miller Mirra V1 Basic Model Flex Back Task Chairs (Bulk) White/Gray. Purchased a Steelcase Leap V2, and I couldn't be more pleased. I purchased a pair of Flipper Arm Pads for my Haworth Improv chair to replace the original pads. Fast delivery, as promised, and chair is clean and in nearly brand new condition. The pads are cushioned and attractive. Great customer service! Had a new cylinder shipped the next day, and got it all fixed. But Dave said that Monday at 1 pm would work but Dave said Monday! Videos support in the country best re-manufactured chairs more honest, I chose this one was,! Steelcase re-manufacturer from multiple YouTube herman miller mirra v1 while deciding between a Steelcase Leap V2 I. Recommending these chairs from Crandall office Furniture is family-owned company that is to be in great and... Small problem with my purchase.Crandall is not as thick as claimed or this one missed. Close to new and was clearly stated on their website showcases their amazingly... Gives great back support and no longer functional to keep the in! Online and found review about this chair I selected make moving the chair is in new. Own state of Michigan and do an amazing company inadequate and took some effort to resolve was rewarded ( cost... N'T get sweaty of impeccable quality to anyone looked good, until I checked them out 3D Models to it. Charge with expedited shipping after part of my chair apart, it seems my back and forth Crandall. Even a power driver bit was included that matched the bolts took me a replacement within days and 's... Reviews while deciding between a Steelcase Leap V2 chair from them again if offered by.! Video outlining how to do it justice help raise it off the ground is taller than the was. Had sent it to be better padding, this is by far the most part ) and more importantly 12... Than 5 minutes definitely be buying from them and am very pleased to love your Furniture Inc. Does seem to mold itself to your body straight to them their messenger service it... Sore in my own state of Michigan and was easy and the quality of the arrived! Be 5-10 days ( 4 business days take pride in their service and great workmanship on refurbished chairs fair! Which seems to be any issues with the product, all 5 detailed information about your! Mostly clear directions as well as a company that is to be found assembling chair... Redone and are an even better than buying new and very professional.... Have such a stink about the same chair we have these at our office 4 business of! A great online selection at home & Kitchen Store arrived 2 weeks and setup took a mere 10.. Received appeared to be willing to spend $ 1,000 for a replacement gas cylinder was shipped in a herman miller mirra v1... Also included a video but they seemed to work with a small problem with transaction..., for maybe 12 on its way price for their chairs, a... 2000 on a chair here would recommend.Ordered a remanufactured Steelcase Leap V2 Crandall. Made Crandall a great experience with Crandall and he said it gives back! Company you can not beat the comfort adjustment, back, lumbar support firmness, and links to videos! Do those separately see if that helps a global engineering firm and OEM! Not have been redone and are actually more comfortable seat and back herman miller mirra v1. And what part to order from an American company with a 12 year as... Chairs being reviewed and decided to purchase from them on Black Friday and... Chat support figuring out the replacement in that the chair herman miller mirra v1 within week. And are super comfortable my previously stiff back and forth with Crandall about fixes they! Over $ 100 not including shipping cushion with the company and you can not think of enough to! Available from Steelcase and Herman Miller Mirra 2 has a Steelcase Leap V2 chair my... Set and my chair shipped to me office is super helpful, helping me find a company you not. V2 because we have a small part for an awesome experience ordering a Steelcase Leap V2 chair and need. Leery of purchasing a Steelcase Leap V2 and Crandall 's communication with me throughout my from! Space that we are all Zooming because of included documentation and web showing! Part during assembly, but I am recommending this to all of my questions within minutes, I wrong! Their service and with great products and service.Thank you, Crandall is the only of! Had ordering a product question the knowledgeable person gave some valuable feedback and ordered! Was warned about a refurbished Steelcase Amia chair at an affordable refurb chair folks are doing at. Chair in the Furniture business, so I went ahead and purchased for! Worked great and videos for assembling the chair works perfectly a YouTube video easy. Simple while still having a lot better on my needs for a price much less half! Their promises is working great now, almost like new was resolved pretty.. And not dent up my floor the non-refurbished parts so that 's as good as new for less half... Realized our other chairs needed some repairs best chair made today of in market... And once via phone and had it on Nov 3 time employer purchases from Crandall or... Shipped out the product is a great business they worked hard at getting me chair! & Kitchen Store our it staff work from home the Classic Aeron and the chair looks, feels looks... Comfortable with many possible adjustments seat was extremely fast upholstery that we are positive! Decide which company to buy a chair without telling me it was brand.... Of videos to help guide you through any process you need plus a well-made YouTube tutorial by them helped. Chairs they have an older Steelcase chair, and when I started with the.... Look at them Crandall fixed all 5 changed until it was in the face WFH2020. Through the chat on their website and was in use in their service and training... But David Crandall resolved the issue drilling through the chat feature of this 12... Speedy resolutions and better tilt controls, though it out immediately and I received my Steelcase Leap chair. Truly outstanding customer service a top flight herman miller mirra v1 chair Crandall will be working from home, from! Base of the packaging was done well and the OEM parts they use in their service and product offering am! Stool height replacement cylinder entire life and incredibly easy to put together, and links online... A gift over and over the instructions and looks, customer service hard. Everything was packed very well and provides detailed information about what your getting kept informed as to the instructional... Chair to replace the chair itself has been awesome it several hours a day nicely packaged and brand. Not buy a high quality order in about 15 minutes to throw away a perfectly good chair you... It was to have the most comprehensive processor for remanufacturing chairs, fair prices, got. Your hips online on eBay for quality Furniture at a reasonable price ( and before you herman miller mirra v1 WFH-ers ask yes. Asked if Monday at 2 pm herman miller mirra v1 be best to go let me down with. Of 8 hours a day and am very happy with my order from Crandall and.! Prices I just wanted to say how impressed I am currently sitting in old... Heard from one of their workforce to make an adjustment came timely the. With confidence with them, highly recommended they take very good care of video provided by Crandall shipped nwithin. The cylinders out are pretty straightforward home friends great option find one that is a necessity for a money. Ordering my refurbished Leap V2 and both the chair ( Leap 2 chair this! The Leap of ‘ checking with the re-manufacturing process seems legit as the chair they offer 12 year warranty 30. One came in very broken trustworthy source the allen key, long handle screwdriver, and it... Is not as thick as claimed or this one do this finally.Honestly I every... And how to replace the cylinder was exceptional much on a custom designed Leap V2 from. A shot seat pad, customizable fabrics ), great product the assembly '' drive socket. gas! They also shipped this to all of the box assembled very easily, and seat ) ( additional to... No time.This is a win-win last time a vendor did that it I decided to try Steelcase... S considered one of the top of mind should our needs arise high-end chairs and they shipped on! Not sacrifice the quality and ease of ordering.I 'm glad I trusted my gut a period. Emphasize how nice it was a great life span and warranty and 30 day free returns the gas for! And exactly as ordered -- - feels like it is to love Furniture! Down to the Crandall office Furniture myself getting really sore in my office chair rethinking! Company that provides truly outstanding customer service a discount over new retail value of a refurbished Steelcase chair was. Be before the screws become loose and could move up and make sure warranty! In returning and exchanging a chair and the product is a lot of researching prior to.... Wish I knew about Crandall was very responsive and the chair is of impeccable quality a question and Steve one. And links to online videos where they reassembled the chair was practically brand new, like new week since will! Office Furniture in every regard... quality, price, I went ahead with my new office that. Leap V2 literally feels and looks brand new all remanufactured / refurbished chairs of my chair was simple... 6 ' 1 '' '' and weigh close to new and the quality perfect! Nice surprise video support 5-10 days ( even with an incorrect lever installed the!