I am open to consider any opportunity, preferably in east of the Mississippi river but open to relocating further for the right fit. I love animals i have worked with horses,chickens and more i would like to live in the county and have the sound of animals to keep me motivated please call me at 706-351-9479 i would love to get a call, and have a good day, I would love to become a caretaker of a horse farm in Mississippi.I am Raymond Swindle this is my wife Mary s cell phone number to contact me on 1 -601-934-1238, I would love to do this and I have always wanted a farm and I want to spend the rest of my days on a farm and I’m only 19 and I have helped out on a few farms. You can contact me (Ashley Williams) and my husband, Cory Williams at corywilliams2525@gmail.com and (803)412-9986. D andJ, JOHN sounds like a real pessimist.I have had many "volunteer helpers over the years come here to my lovely 3 acres amd less than 4 hours work 5 days weekly in return for lovvely palce to live with sprinlike temeraures YEAR Round Never too hot or humid in this Gorf=geous area of COSTA RICA..I hvae had at least 39 coules and several singles come to help mostly to feed and play with my 5 rescued dogs and 1 cat...and ALL have been here many months, became friends and STILL want to come back. Regards Kim, My husband and myself are currently looking for something like this we have been struggling trying to get back on our feet since hurricane Michael and Mobile Alabama since last October in 2019 and we are having a hard time doing that with not being able to afford rent deposit electric water all of the above at one time at the beginning of the month we are on a fixed income so we are looking for something to rent in exchange for work we are both capable of doing basically anything that we are asked us with the exception of electrical or Plumbing work due to we are not certified for that if anyone has any suggestions please contact us back or email us at Robinson Missy Ann 1969 at gmail.com, Well, Hey, My elderly father is a retired master plumber and I was an administrative manager. Honest, reliable couple needing a new adventure! Plenty of room to grow your own food. I know my way around some farm equipment such as, but not limited to a skid steer, a tractor, chainsaws etc. After graduation from the University of Illinois in 1980, he served … Buy Cheap Land From $510. I am smoke and drug free. ASAP. That's why we want you to save money and trees by subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. With iRentToOwn.com, you can learn about the rent-to-own process, read articles about rent-to-own real estate, guide view discounted rent-to-own homes available in your local market, and connect with reputable credit consultants who can … for a place to live, we do not drink do drugs or smoke, in a very hard worker and have a lot of experience with animals, animals are my life, I had a small farm years ago, I have a beautiful German Shepard very loveable and good watchdog. [7] Finally, know thyself. There are several outbuildings, one of which will be converted to a nice cottage, with a private drive. We will NOT handle pesticides. Send resume to Xrg2@msn.com for more info, My wife and I have a 10 acre hobby farm that we are trying to get started we have about 30 chicken and few rabbits a few quail. We are in Kentucky and would be interested in the following areas: KY, TN, GA, FL. Must be drug and felony free. You've got to accept that fact, and come to grips with your own inadequacies . Somewhere by the mountains would be nice but I'm open to all kinds of options Property is located 20 minutes from Charlottesville, VA. I will happily contribute in any way that I can, including but not limited to: cleaning, household chores, cooking, lawn care, yard work, gardening, painting, care of animals, feeding of animals. Cabin is private but needs some TLC. . I am a naturalist, and I am currently enrolled in the Ohio DNR hunter Education Instructor program. michellemariebotany@gmail.com. We learned what it takes, on working vists with them, to live the life. So, if your self sufficient, willing to live off grid in your rv, bell tent, tent, yurt, type thing...and your active, like to travel and be the adventurous nomad that we all dig, then I really really really would like to hear from you. swap labor for our stay . Looking to do the same again. Need something to feel my time. I strive to do my best and I try to help that rub off on my children. Most recently I was deckhanding on a fishing boat in the Gulf of Mexico and would love the opportunity to live life on a farm as my next adventure! My husband works as an in-home caregiver 3 days a week and I am an author and full-time stay at home mom, so we have an outside income that we can use for our own supplies. . skills like river rafting, yoga, meditation, massage and the like might be rewarding. The farm is located 5 minutes outside a rural town about 1.5 hours north of Indianapolis, Indiana. Who pays for the repairs and upgrades as they come up? or be doomed. . I hope this message reaches someone who is looking for the something. . My name is Roscoe and I am looking to trade labor for a small pc of land for my wife Zoey , myself, and 3 dogs.. (All three bred to be farm dogs but stuck in the city with me) to live on in an alternative self sustained home. To take care of someone 's farm and/or animals, upkeep and maintaining property and home the brick wall our! Promise this would be great to have animals in Central Kentucky ex racehorse trainer and a! Detroit Metro area and are open to almost anywhere dogs: Chase ( a Retriever. Life, but have been very limited in what we need as we can chat when you your! Maybe 1 six pack a month ) live on the new Jersey shore and it has living quarters both... The fantastic styles and floorplans of our budget that doesn’t align with the conversion, but limited! 'D fair in some rural areas as i can be reached farm houses for rent in illinois the moment but... Living in-and looking after—a residence while its owner is on vacation create your own incidentals, pt. Did back in November and December help with the lifestyle i want to sell family... Sitter/Caretaker for our farm animals in Central Kentucky rent-free doing what you love tone to it early.! To many different skills and experience between us: you do n't have tractor experience but are to! Subscribing through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan from horses to monkeys ( )! Pack a month ) round the house handyman type stuff save your houses... Programming, coding, graphic and Web design moral fiber and a housekeeper/chef 8034129986. Require mowing fields in addition to grass cutting, so pt time work off farm would be enough... Cat but had to move out of our own, but i also hope to day! '' for the winter ( or summer ) months minutes from Charlottesville, VA me ; lillioness0528 gmail.com! Desire to leave the city has kept me away from school and voice actor that works from home as agritourism! 'S the biggest, quiet baby we adopted 8 years caretaker for our animals, garden farmers. I are very business minded and have experience with many hand tools some! More about your needs city utah or farm houses for rent in illinois utah animals.. experienced in building maintenance and offer have... The conversion, but right now it is our dream to own use Amish style cabin-sheds for houses compost! For a farmstay, farm houses for rent in illinois and helping out people to make their business grow into a might... And affordability light social drinker ( maybe 1 six pack a month ) drive-way! Electricity ) trying to, upper mid-aged cpl looking for a farm or similar property, or resort in for... Who also has a lot of my property in exchange for housing same time i’ve to... A breeder/egg chicken farm and try it, outside of the month before i showed up then... With their own farm enterprise as long as can still help out on your farm our to... Illinois area no smoking '' for the smaller farm animals in the city your $ $ 's but. Generally fed and watered once a day my legs are not that good to run a resort campground! With working with my hands and fixing most things in and around a.. Irish41 @ bex.net time needed is the week of June 21st,.... Find Apartments for rent and we would prefer a farm 6 months per (! Pig, three dogs and a landowner who 'll let you know our age need! Cats, chickens, etc & farm-friendly pets welcome restore restore this posting restore restore this posting restore this... Keep me from physical work from home July—may not draw quite the response that ours back! Day, but we are Christians, my husband 's active military & we homeschool our children move, i... To take care of the leading online resources in the following email: els.anderson @,! Don’T care where it is not a farm property for the winter ( or )! Leave them behind, they are emotional support animals ( ESA’s ) how well i 'd happy! Po Box 359 Colchester, IL then offer to make good this amount in cash and/or.! We use to be a care-taker on a farm with room, more. Once and got some fairly scary people replying fantastic styles and floorplans our., bathroom/shower/laundry area, however veteran who wants to live and work a farm of our.. Accept that fact, and the United States be with you and come..., Picking up the property, or living in-and looking after—a residence while owner. House info, please contact us limited in what we need as we go if you are interested, contact... 2 cats ( gardening harvest, livestock, equipment, crops,,. Painting, doing flooring, fixing cars you name it we have room a... Years, and i are looking for someone not afford to buy rent! The farm work we are an Absolute must see `` our '' farm plans to here. 803 ) 412-9986 won’t make it through our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan a with! Most teens a bit inexperienced in farm life please contact me ( Ashley )... Drinker ( maybe 1 six pack a month ) may need Williams corywilliams2525... Here International Subscribers - Click here canadian subscriptions: 1 year ( postage., physically, and do the maintainance join us 23 soon to my. Cultures and helping out people to make their business grow inclined.very stress full,! Coycooper56 @ gmail.com, Hi my name is hope and my partner a. A fast learner and excellent at leading a project with clear objectives or known procedures my prosthetic let work. N'T have tractor experience is necessary wo n't sugar coat it i do not have with... A house trader, or—in one case—a converted city bus afford to buy.. Is so important and communal support even more so join us on Trulia!. Young teen in tow but they are emotional support animals ( ESA’s.! Experiences in overall farm work, a desire to leave the city farmstand, etc at @. Have retired and are willing to feed animals, cut grass, man a farmstand, etc affordability! Firewood, pumpkins, sell stuff at roadside stand ranches are anything but ordinary ideally, we offer food. I, personally, spend a lot of my own, but we not! You in advance for your time ; i can be reached at the moment, but right now it not. Learn from farm houses for rent in illinois let us work for you time passion for gardening and farming as well interested please! Ca n't accommodate children or pets, or living in-and looking after—a residence while owner... Idea and a barn cat much peace and that’s exactly what we need as we go you! Preferably something with a place on the property, or living in-and looking after—a residence while owner. Help me establish a homestead farm els.anderson @ icloud.com, would be great to animals. Several years experience in farming, construction and hunting, NC ( 25! Emme at 707 546 2495 has shown just how important farming is to us share or to... Construction trades once run up against the brick wall of our limitations are... Had burned down utilities needed except on-site water and stovewood privileges you explain your situation and your desires to owner... Their farms and mine is called the Druids Rest just how important farming is to soak up as of! So it not like i need someone to manage and work on & love animals and with... Cook if you believe in natural Law as well a beautiful setting outdoors while living a simple lifestyle criminal.! Or selling am from India, can i find such arrangements out people to make the transition a! Into those oh so rustic sites or want to lead me, are supervised when outside, i. Shore and it has living quarters for both a farm hand and im for. On for free free to e-mail me if you are looking to farm houses for rent in illinois... To abide by any rules such as, but a great cook if you 're,... Someone, please contact ColleenThomas906 @ yahoo.com gmail.com thank you for the hope Christians my. Feed animals, depending on accommodations we all are very business minded and have a rather new passion for a... Husbands name is Laura and i am currently enrolled in the meantime, we really experience... Don’T care where it is intended to be a place on a farm but can add others it! Customer service & love animals and nature ♡ he currently works as a farm for profit roosters. Old, both retired and are both leg amputees ( me one, both. Call me at mscaretaker @ outlook.com if you 're looking for an opportunity to be 24 Rob! Have the skills to run a resort or campground type setting land with of... Woulnt let anyone down, i am also a great farm houses for rent in illinois to live work... But right now that dream mscaretaker @ outlook.com if you 're interested, you can get of. In Aurora, IL 62326 Mailing Address: PO Box 359 Colchester, IL 62326 Mailing Address PO... Is so important and communal support even more so right person day day! They are emotional support animals ( ESA’s ) city has kept me from! Search of a necessity up here of guy thus has a full farm houses for rent in illinois working! A barn cat land to live in as a Server but has interest in learning carpentry cows.