chugging down beer after beer, drinking whiskey in the morning), new employees are likely to be affected and copy that behavior. Because Greek life centers on adolescents, it easy to dismiss the Greek life as wayward organizations with little structure or stabiliy. The basic models are transformation leadership ( leaders that inspire) and transaction leadership ( leaders who gain respect by being great organizers and supervisors). Houses of a “party reputation” will attract similarly like-minded prospects, who view this behavior as desirable. To make parties exciting and appealing, fraternities and sororities dedicate considerable time and planning to design ‘party themes.’ These party themes are often designed to reflect the mission and vision statements of fraternities and sororities — although they might also be designed to appeal to nostalgia and popular culture. Additionally, information sessions are also done each summer during seeblueU that cover general information about Fraternity & Sorority Life, the Panhellenic recruitment process, and how to register. Within some of the councils, individual organizations have different recruitment processes as well.Â, This is the Dartmouth College policy as of June 29, 2020: "For the 2020-2021 academic year, there will be no in-person recruitment activities.". Do you want leadership opportunities in college? With two forms of recruitment (formal and informal), IFC strives to provide an organized and effective way for a prospective member to become a member of an IFC fraternity at Mizzou. The college experience is decidedly diverse and brimming with different clubs, organizations, and extracurriculars. I hope you enjoyed this read. Evaluation Reports . Specifically, IFC has strict policies pertaining to an alcohol-free formal and informal recruitment process. Men’s IFC recruitment is a dynamic system. Party themes — — such as “Gatsby Night,” or “the 80s” are important instruments drawing in crowds of people, ‘changing things up/keep things fresh,’ maintaining a visual platform among competing organizations, and retaining high organizational commitment among current members. The Greek system presents a fascinating case study of many different leadership models. Social– Typically a single-gendered social organization that creates smaller communities within college campuses for students to make friends and other contacts. As such the social circle of the President fluctuates. The recruitment process will open doors to amazing opportunities throughout your time at UCM, as well as later in life. Fraternity Recruitment. some fraternities who value Philanthropy will likely delegate considerable power to the Philanthropy Chair. Despite the unfurling of banners, symbols and an alphabet soup of letters— there are a few characteristics that all Greek organizations share. The most frequently cited organizational norm of the Greek life system is partying and the drinking of alcohol at social functions. Recruitment can be a stressful and emotional time. As such, it follows that the most prevalent behavior will be the one observed and modeled by people; the drinking norms of organizations have been readily studied in the corporate world. As such, a lot is riding on these parties. Recruitment is the process women interested in joining a sorority must participate in before being extended an invitation for membership. Bids will likely be delivered electronically on an individual basis from the chapter to the potential new member. The Gettysburg College Fraternity and Sorority community has had iterations of an annual evaluation process for fraternities and sororities going back as far as 1998. For individual questions or concerns, please contact: Inter-Sorority Council, For more information, please visit the Inter-Sorority Council website. Within the hierarchical structure, respect is engendered between a fraternity ‘big brother’ and his pledge. There will be no formal recruitment process during Spring 2021. Recruitment was such a special time! Greek Life: The Recruitment Process As mentioned in a previous post, when girls first arrive at Penn State, it can be a challenge to establish new relationships with people. Students are encouraged to go through recruitment even if they are unsure whether they want to join. University of Lausanne, 2011., “The Dark Side of Socialization: A Longitudinal Investigation of Newcomer Alcohol Use.” Liu,Wang, Bamberger, Shi, and Bacharach. They may either seek to nurture their talent or they might employ a more militant and disciplined tactic. Multicultural greek life organizations u… Organizational Psychology. Drawing from the organizational literature, the highly-regarded Dr.Wayne F. Cascio of UC Denver (1998) calls recruitment planning the most important critical step in the recruiting of people. Oftentimes a Greek organization is less formal and will not use terms as “Chair.” — although the position is occupied all the same. These organizations are also typically single-gendered. The nature and descriptive elements of these activities are suited to mark potential “pledges” (members who start the initiation process). If leaders engage in unhealthy drinking habits ( i.e. For example, Rush Chair would be the person in charge of coordinating Rush activities; similarly Philanthropy Chair is responsible for coordinating fundraisers and charitable giving projects. The Gender-Inclusive Greek Council plans to host an additional Informational Session in Fall 2020 for potential new members to interact with and learn more about the individual chapters. Go Greek! I felt so many emotions during the recruitment process – excitement, nervousness, you name it! The transactional model describes leaders who see their job as overseers. It is important to recognize that formal recruitment is a mutual selection process. PHA Recruitment Booklet (PDF) PHA Recruitment Booklet Text Only (PDF) Tentatively Scheduled* for Saturday, Aug. 15–Saturday, Aug. 22, 2020. Inasmuch as the Greek organization scouts for new talent, prospects seek a fraternity/sorority that reflects who they are and want they want to be. Rushing is the attraction model by which fraternities and sororities generate dialogue with interested students. This is a chance to meet the Greek organizations, hear about the chapters, and learn more about the recruitment process. To join a gender-inclusive Greek organization, please contact the chapters directly for more information and details of each recruitment process. Pledges who already look up to the leader, will interpret the excessive drinking as a desired team quality and will endeavor to not only replicate the dangerous behavior, but top it. Sorority women and potential new membership should communicate about recruitment only during recruitment events and are limited to casual greetings in public. History and Goals of the Evaluation Process. Do you want a space you can be authentically yourself? (Each fraternity will host their own Zoom session.) In order to understand how a fraternity or sorority president maintains leadership, is it important to survey the leadership methods they might use. The members of the house understand each other well, and their sense of loyalty to a cause elicits a strong response of unity. The charter is the document that extends authenticity, that a particular fraternity or sorority chapter abides by the rules of the national extension of the same name.Nationals is the representative body of all local chapters and has the final say for the local chapter’s mission, rituals,and customs. Requirements vary between organizations and campuses, but all have some sort of recruitment process to admit members. Jex and Britt. Students may choose to participate in formal spring recruitment or informal fall recruitment. What about a chance to give back to your community? In order to join a fraternity or sorority on campus, interested students must have completed at least one semester of classes and have an established GPA of 2.5+. Register for PHA Sorority Recruitment here. Recruitment is an opportunity to learn about Greek Life and to get to know its membership. There is much to be learned about the fascinating world of fraternities and sororities. While college students themselves — perhaps sightless in the wake of alcohol and parties— — may be unaware of the leadership model a fraternity employs or be blind to the hierarchical structure and chain of command of a sorority, — they are still there all the same. MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - Like almost everything else on West Virginia University's campus, Greek Life has been impacted by COVID-19 and one of the ways it's been most detrimental has to do with recruitment. Potential new members can choose to attend as many fraternity events as they choose. Every college or university with a Greek life program handles it differently, but many students have false perceptions of fraternities and sororities because of pop culture. Editor’s note: This is the second story of four following the sorority recruitment process that ends Sunday night with “Bid Day.” Potential new sorority members shuffled from house to house in Greek Court Thursday evening, introducing themselves to the nine sororities and learning the basics about each sorority. Considerable discussion happens within closed doors as to which students are to be targeted on factors such as social clout, socioeconomic status, and general first impressions. The majority of the activities among fraternity/sorority members take place in this specified house, which becomes a shared point of unity among members. IFC Rush is the series of events during which a male student can decide to become a part of a fraternity. The recruitment process will take place over the course of 2 weekends to ensure academic schedules remain priority (February 5th-8th and the 12th-14th). This overlap helps explain why transformational leaders tend to big rousing speeches, are the center of social attention, and stand out in a room ( by both the manner in which they carry themselves and the manner in which others perceive them ). When the leaders of fraternities engage in drunken behavior and excessive drinking, it gives just motivation for pledges and new members to observe that behavior and quantify that behavior as ‘rewarding behavior.’ Even if pledges are unfamiliar with a party lifestyle, they quickly connect alcohol with sexual conquests, social clout, happiness, or ‘having a good time.’. To join, students must be regularly enrolled in classes at James Madison University and are required to be in good academic standing (not on academic probation). During Fall 2020, IFC will facilitate an initial informational week that is structured for potential new members and chapters to engage with each other. Fostering Independent Learning and Intrinsic Motivation in Your Child, How to make every student a maths ‘expert’, What’s Wrong with School Grades, and What We Can Do about It, On the Declining Popularity of English Qualifications, 5 Ways to Encourage Participation from All Students. The house serves as the physical device of organizational permanence. That is, organizations should not leave it to the stars or blind chance — as it were, to pick their pledges. Rho Gamma or Recruitment – disaffiliated sorority members who helps potential members during recruitment. The fact that Greek organizations are a single-sex house bears an interesting note. A sense of purpose, a list of duties and responsibilities, and the accountability engendered by this hierarchy — — does indeed explain ‘the sense of belonging.’. The house serves as the physical resting place of the organizational structure: parties, event functions, and chapter meetings all take place. Formal recruitment is typically conducted before the start of fall semester and lasts 5 days. More than 1,533 women will participate in a hybrid recruitment process during the week Aug. 14-22. The aim of this paper is to explore fraternities and sororities as an organizational structure — an examination of their recruitment strategies, attraction models, socialized norms, hierarchies, and leadership models. Greek Life is preparing for fall and has made several modifications for those looking to join a fraternity or sorority. The preference portion of the process will be held in-person. Simply put, charismatic qualities in leaders are found in transformational leaders. The Greek Organization consists of a national entity( often known as National’s) and the individual local chapters, found in towns and cities across the United States. Due to the diversity and various backgrounds of the folks in Greek life, there are multiple instances different leadership models at work. When you join a sorority or fraternity, you're gaining sisters or brothers for life.

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