But in fact it takes an additional shove to fully seat it. The Drikman hybrid dispenser-pitcher claims to be compatible with Brita’s filters. We researched 10 expert sources and 27,000 consumer reviews to select the top 10 water filters. We limited our scope to filters with, at minimum, certification under the two main standards—Standard 42 and Standard 53—which respectively cover chlorine and other bad-tasting “aesthetic” contaminants and organic compounds and heavy metals. Water filters can improve the taste of your water, and they may even protect you from harmful contaminants, such as lead. Total Expert Score: 93/100 | Consumer Score: 92% give it 4 stars or higherInstall this quality five-stage filter under the sink for clean water for the whole family. The Cascadian Products page is where you will find the best salt free water softening and filtering products available. Brita’s filters also help you line them up properly, via a tongue-and-groove design. In contrast to Pur’s filters, which clearly indicate when they’ve been installed incorrectly, putting in Brita’s filter is rather easy to mess up. It’s too soon to tell if Pur’s vents really do reduce clogging. Consumer Score: 88% give it 4 stars or higher. However, many Longlast owners, including many Wirecutter readers and several staffers, have experienced severe clogging issues with the Longlast. Filter type: alkaline mineral | NSF/ANSI standard 61 & 42 | Estimated annual cost: $90 | Dimensions: 14 x 6 x 6 in. The Pur Classic 11-Cup comes with a basic Pur Pitcher Filter. We found the ZeroWater ZP-010 pitcher extremely difficult to use because the lid had a tight fit and no lip to push on, making the lid hard to remove for filling; instead, you must squeeze the tip of the lid tightly and rely on a friction grip to get it open. Pur claims that the Faster filters water twice as quickly as its predecessor, addressing a common complaint. In the United States, public water supplies are regulated by the EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act, and water leaving a public water-treatment plant must meet strict quality standards. And most also offer larger dispensers—an alternative we found was worth considering for households going through a lot of water, as dispensers’ with higher volume and an easy-to-use spigot make them more family-friendly. For comparison, the Brita Dispenser Filter has six ANSI/NSF certifications. I’ve also gone hands-on with several filters and pitchers, because overall liveability and user-friendliness are important in a device you’ll use multiple times a day. Check out the quick info below of our top five water filters, then scroll deeper for more helpful buying tips and full reviews of those models plus other high-ranking options. The Brita Longlast has 14 ANSI/NSF certifications and is rated to last six months—three times longer than most filters. It can also clean up to 750 gallons of water—or six to eight month’s worth for a family of four—before you need to replace the filter, though the replacement is relatively expensive. (Bubble clogs are common to pitcher filters; Brita has also responded to the issue by adding vents.) It can hold 18 cups of water, sufficient for a day’s needs for most families, while pitchers top out at about 11 and often need a midday refill. And it has the same concave handle that makes the Everyday harder to grasp than the Pur Classic. The EPA says that “homes built before 1986 are more likely to have lead pipes, fixtures and solder”—once-common older materials don’t meet current codes. This pitcher takes care of the most common contaminants—including lead. That’s considerably shorter than their six-month rating, and it’s doubly exasperating because Longlast filters are by far the most expensive of those we recommend: about $15 each, versus about $9 for the next most expensive, the Pur Lead Reduction. Filter type: Brita standard | NSF/ANSI standard 42 & 53 | Estimated annual cost: $25 | Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 5 in. In 2018, he established Wirecutter’s ongoing collaboration with The New York Times’s Smarter Living. It fits only on Brita’s three Stream pitchers, not on the Everyday or any of Brita’s other pitchers. US Water brings the latest in “Disruptive Technology” with our new US Water Disruptor Filter for Bacteria, Virus, Cyst, Tannin, Silica, Endotoxin… and more! But on a number of points, the Brita Everyday comes up short of the Pur Classic. However, the CDC warns that many contaminants cannot be seen, tasted, or smelled. On a pitcher, if you try to pour a drink while there’s water in the fill tank, you’ll quickly have water all over your floor. For larger households going through lots of water, we recommend the Pur Ultimate dispenser. If you confirm your water source may have harmful amounts of arsenic, nitrates, chlorine, lead, or other contaminants, you’ll want a water filter that can specifically address those concerns. For our top two picks—which included the Pur Pitcher Filter—we contracted an independent test for lead removal, using a much more lead-contaminated solution than NSF calls for in its certification protocol. The Pur Pitcher Replacement Filter with Lead Reduction and basic Pitcher Filter have, by far, the most extensive American National Standards Institute/NSF International (ANSI/NSF) certifications of any pitcher filters we researched, and they have been rigorously proven to remove a greater number and range of potential water contaminants than their competitors. Most companies also offer smaller pitchers for folks who don’t need a full-size model. It also comes with a water quality meter which allows you to test the cleanliness of the water after it has been purified. The ZeroWater Pitcher costs only $16, and holds 6 cups of water–which means it can fit in tiny fridges. The filter initially drops into place solidly, so it feels right. The spigot is at the bottom of the reservoir, so you can pour a drink even if the fill tank is loaded with water (and even if the bottom chamber is nearly empty).

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