Jeffrey Woods , better known as Jeff the Killer is the second of the best known and most famous creepypastas. Jeff wears an orange hoodie with the text displaying "hugs rock" with blue jeans and hes 15 years old. 1 Personality 2 Appearance 3 History 3.1 Short version 4 Gallery Jeff has a very psychotic and insane personality. Fanpop quiz: What was Jeff's personality before he went insane? ... personality quiz. He has had many battles against Slender Man and many other Creepypastas, he is also known for coming out alive from multiple bloody encounters. After recovering froma coma, his eyelids were burnt away and his skin was white and leathery, and, … (“Jeff the Killer,” an Internet-born horror character, traces back to around 2008 and is usually depicted as white-skinned homicidal maniac without eyelids or a nose.) alright guys. Jeff the Killer is a good guy from hooded heroes he kills evil people he kills dangerous animals like bull sharks and all kinds of sharks if he eats a shark most of the time he's not mean he's nice sometime he's mean he is nice kind heroic he reads his bible his car has a 6 gear Transmisson 1 Power and Special Abilities 1.1 Powers 1.2 Sonic Form 1.3 Weapons Since he was bathed in the Killer … Jeffrey Woods, also know as Jeff the Killer, or better known simply as Jeff, is the main protagonist villain of the reboot Jeff the Killer 2015, and a reference character mentioned numerous times in it's sequels. Jeff:Wise choice. Buy Jeff The Killer Style Personality Size Short-Sleeve Women Cotton Short for Color: T-Shirts - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases She appears most famously as the titular main protagonist in both versions of her own story and the titular main antagonist in "Jeff the Killer Vs. Jane the Killer". ok. have fun. Jeff the killer. After this event, Jeff's … Jeff The Killer X Reader(Shy Personality) 1. Good luck! When Jeff was young, only about eleven or twelve, he was almost burnt to death. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Biography 4 Gallery 4.1 Images 4.2 Videos 5 … Jackle the Killer is the biological son of Jeff the Killer and Jane the Killer, which was been born in an accident by a scientist while he's testing a machine he's created. Jeff the Killer is a servant of the Assassin Class, invoked in the mysterious Holy Grail war in Fate / Solemn Tartar. - See if you can answer this Jeff the killer trivia question! - See if anda can answer this Jeff the killer trivia question! Today we will be seeing of what Jeffery woods thinks of you. This is the authors PERSONAL opinion on the Creepypasta characters personalitys, including Jeff the Killer, BEN Drowned, Masky, and a lot more. Jeff the Killer is the self-proclaimed "Most Handsome Man Alive" and insane cereal killer. He was disfigured after being set on fire while fighting a gang of bullies and lost his sanity after witnessing his "new" and "beautiful" face. What Does Jeff The Killer Think Of You? IDK (Sorry I could't find a GOOD picture ;-; ) Nina The killer. Which Afton Family Member likes you? IDK . 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 History 3.1 Early Life 3.2 Pre-Hooded Heroes 4 Power and Special Abilities 4.1 Powers 5 Weaponry Jane's skin was bleached and burned, but unlike Jeff the Killer, her skin … 1 Origin 2 Relation to Jane the Killer 3 Relation to Slender Man 4 The Sesseur Version of Jeff the Killer 5 The Controversial Image 6 Appearance 7 Personality 8 Powers and Abilities 9 … 17 responses 2 by TabbiandWilliamAftonForlife. Credit for the Jeff the Killer character: Sesseur Publisher’s Note: According to the character’s original creator, Sesseur, he is not the author of the tale featured here, and claims this popular version of the Jeff story is “fan-fiction” written by a follower of his earlier work, which has since been lost. 1 History 2 Appearance 3 Personality 4 Powers and … Jeff the Killer is one of the main characters of Bloody Hat Baby.He is voiced by Danny Trejo. Comment. 1 Origins: 2 Appearances: 3 Personality: 4 Powers and Abilities: 5 Facts: It all started when Jeff and Jane were in the middle of fighting each other, Jeff was able to stun Jane and made her fainted but … I opened the door, and woke jeff up. Aug 18, 2020 - I love his personality and his hair...;-; GO TO SLEEP . which insane blonde man from hunter x hunter are you? Jeff the Killer , Jeffrey Alan Woods or simply Jeff, is a fictional character of horror stories and video games, very close in popularity to the character Slender Man (created in 2009), which became known thanks to the fandoms and to forums on the Internet.. #fotografías #edicióndefotos #ramdon ok? Jeff the Killer, born Jeffery Woods, is the titular main protagonist turned to the main antagonist of the 2011 (and 2015 revamped) Creepypasta story of the same title "Jeff the Killer" and "Jeff the Killer 2015" He is an adolescent serial killer and registered Creepypasta. Buy Jeff The Killer Style Personality Sweatshirts Men Cotton For Red: Shop top fashion brands Hoodies at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases Your eyes were burning, you rush out the door without a care in the world and found your way home somehow. I know there are tones of Jeff tutorials on here, but I thought I’d add another one! Thinking Jeff The Killer Style Personality Size Shortsleeve Women Cotton Short For Color To make the task of finding out the killer Dana promo codes even easier you can get the Killer Dana promo codes automatically delivered to your email inbox by using the email saving system provided by Killer Dana online Surf Store. Jeff the Killer's first appearance was in the story Jeff the Killer. Me (jeff the killer) and my friends Laughing Jack, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, and Laughing Jill, will ask you some questions to see which of us protects you right guys? He sometimes wears a white hoody. Homicidal Liu. She is the mother of Jack the Ripper and The Big Boom, and wife of The Big Bang. He later reappeared in the sequel Jeff is Back. He takes … Browse through and take dating jeff the killer personality quizzes "Tus ideas son el lapiz El mundo tu papel" Este es un vlog personal De diverso contenido ¡hey! created. Jeff beat up the bullies, but Lobito was framed and sent to Juvy, which emotionally scarred him. Jane Arkensaw,mainly known as Jane the Killer or Jane Everlasting, is the main antagonist in the "Jeff the Killer" creepypasta series/spin offs. You end up staying up all night, jeff eventually went to bed, whilest you staying all night. Jeff was once a protective 13 year-old boy who cared deeply for his family, after a tragic accident and going insane he became a murderous, dangerous, and merciless homicidal psychopath. He was said to … Jeffrey Woods, more commonly known as Jeff the Killer is the titular main protagonist villain of the Creepypasta story of the same name. Btw, this is my first quiz, so please don't hate. Hello! 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Powers 4 Fashion Sense 5 Important Pieces of History 6 Trivia Jeff the Killer appears to be a white-faced, red-lipped humanoid with thick, black hair, which he lets fall to shoulder length. Personality. 1 Biography 2 Apperance 3 Personality 4 Trivia Originally a normal teenager, Jeff’slife turned upsidedown when a group ofbullies attacked him and his brother Lobito. Jeff C. Hodek, best known as Jeff the Killer is an infamous, malicious, and foul-mouthed serial killer. Mar 22, 2014 3 min read. Add to Favourites. southparkestellaismywife420 published on October 10, 2020 37 responses 8 Nicholas blamed an alternate personality — one modeled after the fictional horror character “Jeff the Killer” — on the slaying. 10 responses 1 by smoshfan4ever100. personality. ¡hola! Do you like jeff the killer. (is he a beautiful senpai?) Jeff is a kind and caring individual who sings lullabies to comfort scared and frightened children. 83 talking about this. This Color Test Will Reveal Your True Core Personality Trait Lea Abelson. He eats a lot of cereal. Due to the original Jeff the Killer story being taken down from the Creepypasta wiki for its terrible story telling and formula, a competition was held to rewrite the … Jeff the Killer is a psychotic murderer and member of the CreepyPasta Anonymous. See more ideas about jeff the killer, killer, creepypasta. jeff and i will ask u some questions and he’ll tell me if he likes you or not, then i’ll tell u what he says. Jane the Killer, or Jane Arkensaw, is a former Creepypasta and First Class Hooded Hero. OH HELL NAAAAHHHHHH Jeff:Go to sleep. does jeff the killer like you? 24 hours with Jeff the Killer (this is for you Cally) Have you ever tried to spend 24 hours with a killer now you can because now I made a quiz about it hope you enjoy kittyclube64 published on September 09, 2020 40 responses 4 Ticci Toby. He always has a giant cute smile on his face.The iris of his eyes has been noted to "rapidly change colors.". They are personalities based off of the Creepypasta fanfiction the author writes on Instagram: Creepypasta_Awesome Leave a comment if you have a different view of a characters personality. (1) Hello! Jeff the killer. Originally, just your average run-of-the-mill kind of guy, Jeff's life turned upside down after becoming severely disfigured, which emotionally scarred him. ... Top Rated Trivia Personality … Here are some other cool items we found for you instead. Coming Soon: 2021's New Netflix Original Movies Tal Garner. He is an adolescent serial killer and registered Creepypasta. fanpop quiz: What was Jeff's personality before he went insane? Instagram: guys! personality quiz. Jeff: you can sleep if you want, i won't bite~ You: Like i'm going to trust you.

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