Kuša CenterPoint Sniper Elite 370. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 Compound Crossbow has a blistering velocity at 370 FPS. Amazon.ca Product Description. Bloomfield, NY -(FirearmsGuide.com)- Building on the success of the best-selling Centerpoint Sniper Crossbow, Centerpoint is now introducing an expanded package with even more value and performance at an extreme value.The new Sniper Elite Whisper™ has the same outstanding performance as the original Sniper, sending arrows down range at 370 fps, but the new Sniper Elite … I have shot my unit … And, get the Morrell Yellow Jacket … The crossbow is easy to handle, reliable, and affordable. and … The package features the original, award-winning Sniper 370 crossbow, combined with the innovative Whisper Silencing System, a lot of accessories, a manual, and a … It makes it easy to carry the crossbow around. The bow shoots the arrow at 370 fps and fulfills the hunter’s crossbow high-speed requirements. CenterPoint’s Sniper 370 crossbow is designed for holding silent operations in states. Adjustable AR-style stock and foregrip, quad limbs, noise Suppressing string stops, 370 FPS, lightweight and durable aluminum rail, 185 lbs. It is a high-quality crossbow which is suitable for almost any skill level. View Departments Weekly Ads Discount Programs Value Vault (Coupons & Sales) ... Manual Scooters Soccer Apparel Field Equipment Gloves Goals, Nets & Rebounders ... By Sport Hunting & Shooting Archery Crossbows Centerpoint Sniper Elite 370 Crossbow Package. by HuntgolfskiVT. The Sniper Elite is extra-quiet with limb dampeners and string silencers to minimize vibration and noise. Crosman has received three reports of broken hooks on the rope cocking device, including one report of a facial laceration. SPECS. Comparison of CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 VS CenterPoint Mercenary Whisper 390 crossbows. At 7.9 lbs weight, it ensures better speed … The design and engineering of the crossbow means that the CroissPoint Sniper 370 is very good for hunting. A fully adjustable AR-style butt stock gives shooters a … Draw weight, and anti-dry fire and auto-safety trigger mechanism. Noise Suppression. One of their newer models, the Sniper Elite Whisper 370, a medium-weight (7.8 pounds), short-limbed (18 inches axle-to-axle when cocked) crossbow is nicely balanced for blind or treestand hunting. Owner S Manual Best Crossbow For The Money Center Point Sniper 370 Review Must CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Review – Summary. Otherwise, the Sniper 370 more than meets any whitetail hunter’s expectations and is a tremendous bargain. Centerpoint sniper 370 centerpoint sniper 370 review centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow package centerpoint sniper 370 crossbow package. A little creep in the trigger but smooth pull. A pair of black plastic tabbed hooks are connected to the rope. A bit front heavy. The Centerpoint Sniper 370 crossbow has a camouflaged stock and measures 36.5 inches long. We have options for all of the top Centerpoint models, including a Gladiator, Specialist, Tormentor, and Centerpoint Sniper 370 replacement string. Includes: • Sniper Elite Crossbow • 4x32 CenterPoint … Športová lovecká kladková kuša v camo dizajne lučišťa, tela a čiernou taktickou pažbou CQB. Hunters will definitely appreciate CenterPoint Archery's Sniper line of crossbows, which are new for 2018. Best Mods for Centerpoint Sniper 370? ... Cladiator Whisper 405, Sniper Elite Whisper, Amped 415, Spectre 375, Mercenary 370, Sniper 370, … The CenterPoint Power Crank is a great way to upgrade your CenterPoint Crossbow. CenterPoint Sniper 370 Crossbow. Put the accurate power you need to bring down big game quickly in your hands with the CenterPoint® Sniper Elite Whisper Crossbow Package. At 7.8 lbs. Centerpoint Sniper 370 Crossbow Black in Crossbows. of hard-hitting energy. Pistol grip ensures stability either you are using a tripod or shooting generally. 35 11K 11 d ago. Vďaka takto silným ramenám a kladkám odovzdá kuša šípu rýchlosť až 370 FPS približne teda 113 m/s. Ready to Ship. I had read some negative reviews mentioning that the main limb bolt and others would loosen over time and the manual also mentions this, so I used a drop of medium grade thread locktite when assembling the limb assembly. Best Seller. While the CenterPoint Specialist XL 370 has a high level of accuracy and is fun to use and that makes it great for starters as well as pros. The rope cocking device measures 45 inches from handle to handle. With up to 70% reduction in draw weight, the Power Crank fits most Mill -spec buffer tubes used on crossbows today. The Sniper is lightning fast and powerful enough for anything from small game hunting to deer, moose, elk, and even bear, and is equally capable at target shooting. Get the CenterPoint Archery Heavy Duty Crossbow Soft Case for storage. The rope cocking device is a rope with a black plastic “T” shaped handle at each end. The CenterPoint® Sniper XT390 Crossbow Package takes precision, mobility and power to the next level for demanding crossbow hunters. lcpan641200; 19 d ago; 10 383 11 d ago. The recall involves rope cocking devices that were shipped with the Centerpoint Sniper 370 crossbows with serial numbers beginning with “O15.” The problem is that tabs on the hooks attaching the device to the crossbow string can bind as it is pulled back, causing the hooks to break and the rope to recoil. 432RGMK Owner's Manual; ABX280 Owner's Manual (-) ABX290 Owner's Manual (-) ABX320 Owner's Manual (-) ABX340 Owner's Manual (-) ABY1721 Owner's Manual (Current) ABY1721 Owner's Manual (Current) ABY215 Owner's Manual (Current) ABY215 Owner's Manual (Current) AVCEH70KT EOS Hunter … The CenterPoint Sniper 385 builds onto the original award-winning Sniper Elite 370 design delivering a narrower and faster crossbow. AXCS185CK Compound Crossbow OWNER’S MANUAL CROSSBOWS Specifications Draw Weight 185 Trigger Patented Trigger Technology – Dry Fire Inhibitor FPS 370 Arrow/Bolt Size 20” Stock Composite Color Camo Limb Compression Fiberglass Mass Weight 7.7lbs String Length 37.2” Length 36” … Most people agree that the performance of this crossbow goes beyond its price; hence, it is one of the best options for people … The company is instructing consumers to immediately stop using the recalled rope cocking … Very accurate, shooting 3 inch patterns at 20 yards. CenterPoint backs the Sniper 370 with a five-year warranty for the original owner only.