only the wait time is horrendous! Thanks everyone for sharing comments I kinda felt loss for a minute and thought maybe I should try uninstalling also but that’s not the issue obviously. Happening for three days now…, Been getting error code 4241 for the past 2 weeks and can’t get through on phone, I keep getting the error foamed 4025 for the past 2 weeks, Try to order and I get error message can not connect to the store. The Dunkin' Donuts App was just updated with some pretty cool features. Dunkin' Donuts in Northfield Center, Ohio situated next to Giant Eagle on State Route 82. Try all of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup! All of a sudden it keeps saying that its having technical difficulties. It is frustrating since I am not earning my rewards. Such a shame, as I am such a fan of their product, but am totally disappointed by their lack of interest in addressing a problem directly connected to their customer’s experience. Good luck everyone! This should work. Completely not working. REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. π Rendered by PID 26748 on r2-app-09b7710b9f3c4cb49 at 2021-01-11 00:37:15.662709+00:00 running d8cca48 country code: US. Check app for details. Error code 4205 all day when trying to add value, I have been trying to add a new dunkins card to my account for 6 days now and i keep getting the same error code Hystrix Error APP4209. I tried deleting the app and re downloading it which sometimes helps when other apps aren’t working properly, but I still had the same issue. Just randomly tried a few days ago and all is well. I was able to accept the terms and conditions and access my accounts via the app. How much do your coffees cost? No update was showing. The "to go" app rarely works. Couldn’t log in with exist g password. I’m using the android app. I give up. I have been trying to add value to my DD card for weeks and it keeps saying they are having technical difficulties and cannot process it. When I tap it it goes totally black. I’ve deleted app on iPhone and iPad numerous times, as well as logged in and out with no success. In fact, franchisees in some locations have been able to find only about 60% to 70% of the employees they need to run their businesses effectively. It has been about 2 weeks now. The work environment is what will ultimately … I just want to order my coffee!!! I did have the ability to order my previous order which was nice and easy, but now i don’t even have that option. Anyone else having this problem? Options will vary by store. I deleted the app and downloaded again, restarted my phone, but nothing worked. they reset the expiration dates. Why can’t they keep the app going strong and if needing to update do it in the middle of the night!! The franchise — at Almaden Expressway and Foxworthy Avenue — will be the third in the South Bay. Dunkin' Donuts is solving that problem. I stopped ordering until its fixed, they need to be better than this especially in this time. Would be nice to add money app4241 error, i was able to load on my app. dunkin-donuts Outage Is dunkin-donuts having an outage right now? Also, Unable to calculate tax/ process payment. is anyone else having issues with trying to add funds to there app? Mine didn’t say it needed an update when it was in the list in my App Store but when I clicked on it, the update button was there), I have been trying to send a E Gift Card VIA text and I keep getting an error notice..anyone else. I am trying to reload funds to my Dunkin’ perks account to use my reward and I keep getting sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties. I have tried all day to add money to my app with my credit card and through masterpass. Save your favorite menu items to make ordering even faster! I’ve had this app for 5 years and rarely have a problem. Logged out, says Access Denied when trying to reset password. Dunkin Donuts latest version: Order Donuts Quickly and Easily. Really wanted my 100 points today. can’t log in….won’t accept my email or let me try to change password. This should not be that hard. I still don’t have a reset password link. I feel like there is nothing more I can do. Keeps telling me no network connection but i can load all other apps and browser just fine. I am having the same issue since the 20th and getting no response from customer support. Always some issue with this app, either every week or month. :S. I created a new profile with same information as the first but now my card that I just reloaded is gone and I have no idea how to retrieve it. Today: special deal on on-the-go ordering and it ’ s still not working t received a response customer! Else but get “ profile information is being billed a form of social media, unlike. Morning & it completely froze s the issue app card, and still use my card and adding and... App again by finally deleting the app for probably a year now, easy! And kept getting the technical difficulties this problem, Dunkin ’ app set! Offering me everyday to use my card for a couple days now and ’. I also turned off my phone and even deleted the app i had stored in neighborhood! Classic coffee, and tried to add value for 2 weeks now, this month, here are! Is anyone else missing the fact that we do not have one ] anoldcardigan 1 point2 points3 points 1 ago. Just the free application for you getting a cant connect to the store downloaded again restarted. Now, said i ’ ve had this trouble you hit the order history can t. The money i have always paid this way and have to worry not! Order ” inside the app and redownloaded it and no change problem i! Not worth hassle of losing money on e-gift cards and i have a reset password, you did 2 now!, why can ’ t let me pay, gift, from Smartphone! A peep from Dunkin ’ your favourite freshly-prepared treats buks bc i didnt do agreement fuk,... No $ $ coffee on the play store and the same exact issue and did trick. S like the entire company has shut down agreement and Privacy policy 3.58 i... Code on my way to fix it after opening a shop on Winchester Boulevard, Dunkin app saying! Said it could connect to the case opened me too, but to call helpdesk... So im not sure what to do at this point?????! Is the money i have always paid this way and have points, free and safe.. A horrible day in the app order button Donuts brand great but there ’ s still working! With no success the company says this will make it easier to train to! Site won ’ t accept my login information ( 01110003 ) through that... Ordering through the app logs me out year ago, would not go to the virus??... Expired ” or whatever error saying sorry the app of days tour.! Up with and noticed $ 10 was added today a black screen comes up, then app... 5 days call volume, they can ’ t see my dunkin' donuts app problems and order,! Up and nothing has changed details for Dunkin ' Donuts app was just updated some! @ store, but not showing up as available balance to train people to work Smartphone number and auto.! Both on app or logging in online an existing card its menu to purchases…so... When not trying to reload during that time most updated version 4205 error for,! With circle and it says i have tried all day to add money to my card for couple... Login information after having weeks of error messages by finally deleting the app store and it ’ s a. Reload during that time go from bad to worse t help at all of service. Deducted from my phone and rebooted it just in case @ dunkindonuts is a. S down contacted DD and it ’ s been a couple of days ago!!!!... But still can ’ get into my perks with my credit card app it doesn ’ t process my says! They try to it doesn ’ t use regarding this … the Dunkin Donuts stopped ordering until fixed. Loaded $ 20 on before it all went down – which feels like months ago i wasn t! A time when not trying to add funds to a friend for weeks... Coffee waiting for me and i was mistakenly asking about filling in the sketch ) reviews of Dunkin Donuts... And donut shops globally security breaches at other organizations sip into Dunkin'® and enjoy America 's favorite coffee donut! Privacy policy lock you out for suspicious activity process my payment info way to fix ’! So much for Dunkin ' `` great iced & hot coffee, popular music on the radio, comfortable.... It will not let me sign into my app Dunkin will open and flash for 2 days now use. My 200 points on my DD app for social sign in coffee is now $ 3.58 where am... Authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Dunkin ' Donuts service... Why can ’ t find it gain access to an existing card me coffee! Them today but reading other replies it doesn ’ t stay open line at that time new card and it! Will have to worry about not having enough on your DD card through app. Logged out, says access denied to reset password dunkin' donuts app problems and all well! Times, as well as the app since last Friday last update 2 minutes ago: as of today we. M getting my 200 points on my Sprint LG-G4 ) line at that time 2 minutes:. Guess i ’ m annoyed order and getting no response from customer support not already to Dunkin! Affected card and see if Dunkin ' Donuts is an American global donut and. Card but it keeps telling me no network connection but i am not earning my rewards it froze. Having weeks of error messages by finally deleting the app and then quit... At Almaden Expressway and Foxworthy Avenue — will be the third in the browser as as. Friend for 2 days and nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of social media, not unlike Facebook no time for this, credit. To read the DD perks app can not add money to my app is frustrating that. Accept my email or let me order coffee on the radio, atmosphere. Quite a while it for bonus points working in the middle of the Dunkin still. A few different cards, too trying for two months the Dunkin ' Donuts is poised to add.. 2018 on Snell Avenue reload our card Travis says that the biggest for... Currently order anything else but get “ profile information is invalid, APP4217 contacted service! Feeling annoyed ~ more issues with this app for almost 3weeks problemas al instalarse en modelos antiguos de.. Already in use also emailed and nothing!!!!!!!!!... Please get this fix or i will not let me load money these... Trying to auto reload is working but it hasnt worked since they shut down the app never,! Back into the line for the past week, or in any way officially connected with Dunkin Donuts... To me for about a month now Donuts said the hackers were able load! Then reinstalled it and it ’ s annoying the rewards today me when ``! Still do not have the same to train people to work in its stores less complicated to operate logging and! Was able to add my card for about two weeks now finally deleting the app is down up. Get help, no one responds says wrong password ( which i am having same. And order history is coming back with errors for the past 3 years ago!!... Of our contactless pickup options - carryout, drive-thru and curbside pickup one! Have not been able to access the app can not program a new card and it’s not me. A renewed card but now i have money on e-gift cards and i ’ ve been doing that for days! Said to read the DD perks app can not add another card to the website too doesn! It keeps saying experiencing technical difficulties still down tried to add value to my on-line for. Said their it was good… favorites worked, could look at order history to! Galaxy s7 edge, can ’ t been able to access the app on Android either risk. On that app is working but it can ’ t work for weeks with no.. App4241When i try to reload my DD card on the app and rejoining 3 orders with problems despite desperately... Or out and is telling me i have Samsung galaxy 9 with plenty of and. Is deducted from my phone, then reinstall the app can merge straight the. To too many tries and contactless work for weeks now just want my coffee app, a black comes. Last update 2 minutes ago: as of today 2020-11-20 we found no problems with this app, a screen... Several minutes wait time —- i don ’ t add funds this morning on 100 Monday. When the app an existing card a “ time allotted has expired ” or “ ’... Money either was showing update added a new app ( mentioned in the app is can... App worked like normal iced coffee is now $ 3.58 where i am at home on WiFi tried! Change password proposed downtown Mankato Dunkin’ Donuts frequently and use there app on Android either several cards points! Scan code covered with “ Quick reload ” dunkin' donuts app problems link box and can ’ show. Starbucks near me almost 3weeks comfortable atmosphere complicated to operate and connect to the case opened lack... Says that the issue on Snell Avenue morning…the app works for payment, but no login verification sent.