Lever action rifles do not cut a very manly profile – In the late 1950s and early 1960s Chuck Conners was the epitome of TV manliness. Tough, small and built for the long haul, this is an excellent choice for those who want to travel light or need to be able to break it down for covert movement. There is no way to effectively operate the lever when you are trying to keep low to the ground to save your head. The shooter that isn’t sure they want to own a lever gun but who recognizes a bargain and value for money. Cartridge : 45-70 Government Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport Matte Black Ultimately, the M&P 15-22 Sport is a great firearm either for training shooters new to the AR world, or just for those who want an alternatively styled or particularly accessory friendly .22 rifle. Cowboy Action shooters who are already using the .45 LC as their ammunition of choice. But when it comes to rifles, the lever action is no slouch (6). The quality construction and smooth mechanical operation of the gun is what Marlin has built their reputation on, and this is a flagship model for the lever action big bore portfolio. Barrel length – 20” Weight – 8 lbs. Between 1837 and 1841 Colt produced the forerunner of the lever action rifle with their cap and ball, ring lever rifles. Cartridge : 30-30 Win Magazine Capacity – 7 and under range. We love the clean lines and balanced profile of the Mossberg 464 Pistol Grip 30-30. Gun purchases included. Overall length – 41.5” This prevented precipitation from entering the gun via the top-eject slot and freezing inside. Overall, the BL-22 is a great beginner rifle, varmint rifle, or rifle for the range. It is an outstanding choice for small-game such as squirrels, rabbits and the like. Lever action rifles enable straight wall cartridge hunting – Without a doubt one of the reasons for the renewed popularity of the lever action rifle has been the recent passage of straight wall cartridge hunting laws in states like Iowa, Michigan, Ohio and elsewhere (5). The hammer on Henry rifles, however, was cocked by the motion of the bolt. Simple, beautiful and functional, this Uberti remake is true to the original specifications of the timeless Winchester 1886 lever action rifle that features modern takes on the manufacturing process of traditional lever actions, with original methodologies like color case hardening and hand fitted mechanisms. A shooter gets a little extra satisfaction knowing they are buying a premium brand for a small price point. Less than 20 years later, the Henry 30-30 was introduced and has been a mainstay of the North American hunting scene ever since. The modern take on the original 94 Sporter. Although for them, the need to stay low is not usually a matter of life and death as it is with soldiers. Side ejection and mounting options for large long range optics help you stay in the long range game without damaging your face or your scope with hot, heavy brass. Weight – 6 lbs. Browning holds nothing back with the beautifully crafted BLR. It’s genuinely as good as “they used to make them”. The lock-up, action and actuation of the Browning BLR is exceptional, and you will easily recognize that the build quality is on another level when placed next to any other lever action. Here’s a look at seven of the best takedown rifles available today, perfect for everything from high-mountain hunts to serious survival situations. The plethora of loads available in the .44 Magnum caliber and the sensible design and size of the rifle means you can use this for a wide variety of needs, including home defense, hunting, and range time. Scores of second hand 99s can still be found online and at gun shops across the country. Some vocal detractors decry them as far past their prime, and that they bring nothing to the table over a bolt action semi-auto rifle. It features multiple safeties, a slightly unusual pistol grip with heavy … But the lever action rifle is more than just a first class hunting rifle. The caliber is an obvious choice for those who need stopping power and variations in their loadouts, with the .45-70 being one of the most versatile game cartridges in the world able to hunt small game (75-100 lbs.) Overall length – 38” It’s light, easily maneuverable, enables fast followup shots and is accurate at short range. Sure, it isn’t built to the same standard as some of the best versions on the market in the caliber, but it is well-made by a company who stands behind their products and it is a lot of firepower for the shooter that is just wading into the lever gun market. Finally, there is the longevity of the Browning name and the unique Browning experience. This is however, priced exceptionally well for the attention to detail that comes with the package. The tubular magazine holds 10 rounds, the rifle weighs a scant 6 pounds, and the walnut stock is a joy to hold. Loved the takedown part. In historical terms no other rifle can challenge them as the undisputed deer hunting champion. Christian. Custom builders like Wild West Guns will supply you with a take-down lever gun built on a Marlin action in the .475 WWG (Wild West Guns) cartridge. Still, many of these things can be compensated for with practice and good optics. And more deer have been killed using the lever action than any other type of rifle in history. Finish – Blued It chambers a .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester or .30-06 Springfield round. Not so with Henry although they have excellent customer service. They can be carried long distances without tiring you out, and they make outstanding home defense weapons. Taylor’s 1892 Alaskan Takedown Lever-action rifles are the classic takedown rifle design. The shooter who wants as pure a .30-30 rifle as one can get without buying a collector’s piece. The 1894 has classic lines, a straight grip, a walnut stock, a 7 round tubular magazine and a 20 inch barrel. The 7+1 capacity and the well-balanced design means you are going to be on target more and less tired at the end of a match. Just be aware that, because they are both prized and no longer manufactured, you will likely have to pay a handsome price to obtain one. The new laws allowed for the use of previously-banned straight wall cartridges in deer hunting. Shooters who know they need a fast follow up shot with less movement away from point of aim. Shop for Low Price Winchester Lever Action Takedown Rifle And 30 06 Hunting Rifle .Price Low and Options of Winchester Lever Action Takedown Rifle And 30 06 Hunting Rifle from variety stores in usa. Though Chiappa makes this and other takedown lever-action models, this Model 1892 lever-action rifle is an exclusive option available only through Taylor’s & Co. out of Virginia. And, to a certain extent, it’s true enough. Overall length – 37” The barrel is 20 inches in length with a blued finish and is remarkably accurate for a lever action gun. The BLR makes a great all-purpose hunting rifle, brush rifle, range rifle or truck rifle. The takedown models of the BLR are unique, allowing you to simply flip a finger lever, twist the receiver and barrel 90 degrees and instantly separate the two parts for space saving storage or easy transportation, even in a backpack or hunting duffle. Shop for Low Price Winchester Lever Action Takedown Rifle And 30 06 Hunting Rifle . Note the optic rail and fiber-optic front sight unit. Those who want to test the .45-70 for varying tasks and need a cheap entry point. Are these critics right? It’s 20 inch barrel enables a surprising degree of accuracy and jams are rare as long as you put the lever through the full range of motion. Reassembly is in reverse order and takes only seconds. Magazine Capacity – 6 However, Browning is adding a lot of finish work and other fit and material benefits into the rifle for a price that is pretty competitive with other premium offerings, and it shows, relative to even the premium peer field. Finish – Blued The user that doesn’t appreciate the sloppy action that can be found on other lever action rifles. Finish – Blued HENRY .45-70 LEVER ACTION https://viathe.link/HENRY-45-70-LEVER-ACTION3. In 1894 they introduced the – you guessed it – 1894. Lever action rifles make good personal protection weapons – Granted, there’s no substitute for having a high-quality pistol on hand for personal protection. Magazine Capacity – 5 Four rounds of .30-06 is perfect for any large game hunt, and with the removable magazine, you can shoot any projectile you want and get fast moving shots across more than 400 yards. The venerable .30-06 Springfield isn’t a common round for the lever gun (traditionally pointed nose cartridges don’t play well in tubular magazines), but it is a common, and well-regarded round for hunters, the world over. But they are the exceptions not the rule. The Big Boy Steel Carbine is more than a one trick pony, however. The lever action has a two-piece stock, a tubular magazine in its barrel, rear locking lugs, as well as a trigger pull that is generally not as smooth as that of bolt action rifles. Best for Quality of Construction, Fit and Finish. A decade ago it seemed like gun enthusiasts had finally cut the lever action cord and were moving en masse to ar-15’s and bolt action rifles. The 20 inch barrel improves accuracy and ballistic performance for the already potent .44 Magnum round. Hand cut checkering and super deep blued finish on all surfaces make this a very pretty rifle. You may have a chance with a large bore lever action. Magazine Capacity – 7 Uberti is a replica gun manufacturer out of Brescia, Italy. Lever-actions are available in a variety of calibers and have the capability to take down any game in North America. The price is on the higher end, but you get a good piece of workmanship and the comfort of knowing that you own a legendary rifle that will serve you well; potentially for several generations. Any of the above lines of best lever action rifles will perform admirably for the intended use case, but the market offers so many variants that you can easily pick the perfect lever gun for your needs. MSRP: Discontinued; Caliber: .22 LR; Barrel Length: 16.5” OAL: 32.5” Weight: 5.2 lbs. True, its younger brother, the .30/30 model of 1894 has taken many a young man’s first deer and even has its own Mariachi song (look it up), but the lever-action 1892 is the uncredited hero in most of the Western movies we know. Yes, the ’73 came first, as did the buffalo-caliber 1886. Not many. Browning BLR Lightweight '81 Stainless Takedown Rifle -Quick takedown. Weight – 7.4 lbs. The sights are Skinner Express style while the barrel is drilled and tapped for "Scout Mount" optics. Despite its power it’s compact, (only 37 inches in length), and relatively light at right around 8 pounds. Gun makers like Savage and Ruger offer entry level and high end target rifles, while Henry Repeating Arms offers an affordable .308 lever action rifle, and a nice single shot. 24" octagon barrel with polished blued finish.Grade V/VI pistol grip walnut stock, Marble Arms ® gold bead front sight and semi-buckhorn rear sight. Barrel length – 20” I did have one Chiappa, but it was a mares leg takedown. The 464 is an excellent weapon, but it’s not what everyone expects from a lever action. Best Red-Dot Sights for Lever-Action Rifles Red-dot sights may be just what the doctor ordered for lever-action fans of “a certain age.” ... Winchester’s M94 Takedown .30-30, Pedersoli’s .45-70 Boarbuster, and Rossi’s M92 Triple Black .44 Magnum. It is a perfect companion for wet weather and large animals where reliability and accuracy has to be second to none. One of the most beloved and longstanding designs in history (even including designs outside of the firearms industry) is the lever action rifle. Since it’s one of the easiest takedown rifles to carry, it made it on our list of top survival rifles. Hunters in this spectrum should give it adequate consideration before choosing any lever action in the segment. With the lever open, simply open the takedown lever at the front of the magazine tube, rotate it a few times, then twist the barrel assembly about 1/4 turn to separate it from the receiver. Other Winchester rifles are made in Belgium, Portugal and Turkey. Lever action rifles are extremely portable – Many lever action rifles weigh around 6 pounds, are slim and relatively short. In the 1990s, well before the onset of the Great Recession, Winchester began to outsource production of its rifles to companies in Europe and Asia (2). Savage 99s remain a popular hunting rifle here in the first half of the 20th century. It has gained its popularity for its durable and good-quality lever-action rifles … Marketing. In the world of centerfire lever actions, only the Winchester Model 88 (1955) and the SAKO Finnwolf (1959) solved both issues with forward-­locking bolts and one-­piece stocks. The fact that modern ballistic improvements have recently been made with mainstream ammunition allows the hunter or home defense advocate a new take on the stopping power and performance for the lever action. Ruger SR-556 Takedown Ruger SR-556 Takedown. Along with this, you get enough firepower and fast follow up shots that keep your head in the game, so you can do what you need to with your rifle, on your terms. Worked in gun shop 17 years and never saw a Marlin that if taken care of ever had problems. Since lever action rifles were typically more expensive than other rifles, a lot of newly budget conscious gun enthusiasts put their dollars where they thought they could get optimal value. A lever action rifle does not produce much recoil – The amount of recoil you will experience from a lever action rifle has a lot to do with the shape of the stock and the type of round. Out of stock. When the situation calls for power and accuracy inside of 200 yards, the 1895 SBL will not let you down. The hunter that cannot compromise on any facet of their needs in the field. I suppose you could argue that any AR-15 rifle is a takedown rifle. Also, the lever slide action requires precise machining. BROWNING BLR https://viathe.link/BROWNING-BLR2. Magazine Capacity – 10 More lever action rifles have been sold than any other type. $1,149.00. It’s compact, lightweight nature also makes it a great gun for home defense. The Henry 30-30 is a very handsome, (relatively) lightweight deer rifle with a 5 round magazine, a walnut stock, and brass receiver. 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Weight – 8.3 lbs. Some with barrels as short as 16 inches. The information provided on this site is for educational use only. The user who isn’t quite ready to wholesale leap into the lever gun market. However, Ruger took that one step further with its SR-556 Takedown model. The sleek Browning Lever-action Rifles are chambered in .308 Winchester and .243. The smoothest action of any of the modern lever actions in the price point (perhaps at any price point), Known brand that stands behind its products, Exceptional accuracy and range for large game targets, The draw of the lever is lengthy compared to most other calibers, Excellent hand fitting and hand finished parts, This is a collector’s item and not a practical hunting rifle, generally, Not as tight on the fit and finish as some other pricier options, Despite being a bit outside of the traditional looks of the lever gun field, this is a very good looking gun, Smart feature set, including the sights and optic mount, Looks different than most mainstream lever guns, Exceptionally well balanced, offering a swing that is virtually incomparable for fast moving shots, Still a bit heavy for a smaller gun, though the bulk adds to recoil reduction and great balance, The name brand is well known and stands behind their guns, The build quality often does not provide the same level of value for money as some competitors, It’s very good looking and offers a unique take on what normally is a blued steel and walnut outfitted firearm, Very well balanced and has an overall length that is under 40 inches; the weight is a shade over 7 lbs. The best rifles in history have a legacy that cannot be overshadowed by the newest technology or modern ballistic advancements. POTUS? Magazine Capacity – 15 And that’s only fitting in some ways because unlike many a lever-action rifle this one packs a serious punch with its 45-70 Government rounds. Today, the Winchester 1894 is produced by Miroku Co. of Japan and imported to the US. Shooters who can adapt will often consider it the best 30 30 lever action rifle, but it does take some flexibility. $2,099.00. If you value the smooth action of a finely tuned firearm, Browning lever guns are worth a look, there is significantly less “clunkiness” to them. In fact, some might argue they are every bit as relevant today as they were when they were introduced in the late 1830’s. The chrome exterior is very nice for those that want smooth rust-free performance out of a field grade gun, and the wood furniture is sealed to allow for no water damage when treated with a small amount of dignity. Instead of breaking down into just upper and lower … Part of the reason for the quick followups is that you never need to take the gun off your shoulder or your eye off the target while chambering another round. The combination of the redesigned lever gun, with the well-known fast .30-06 gives a hunter a very good mix for larger game in North America. Best Takedown Lever Action Rifle. (A straight walled cartridge provides hunters with greater accuracy over longer distances and should, in theory, result in a higher percentage of recovered game.). Let’s look at some of the most common complaints against them: “Lever-actions cannot handle really powerful cartridges.” This … The safety, accuracy, follow up speed and longevity of the design means that a shooter gets excellent value with the lever action rifle. Winchester manufactures several of the best-selling lever-action rifles, including the Model 1873, 1892, 94 Carbine, and the 9422. (Of course no one talked about the fact that he was wielding an 1892 model in the early 1880s when the series was set.) The smooth action makes it a hunter’s favorite tool. If you know anything about firearms the Marlin 1894 needs no introduction. The Winchester 1894 was the first rifle to sell more than a million units. One of the hidden and surprising features of this rifle is the true value it represents. How about as a defensive tool? Overall length – 34” The following are the best lever action rifles on the market today. Left for dead a little more than a decade ago the lever action rifle has made a remarkable comeback and is regaining its favored place among hunters nationwide. Once they had settled into their new facility (owned by Remington, which had bought Marlin in 2007) production restarted and the company has seen a resurgence of interest in recent years. This design enjoyed some success, although it wasn’t until both Henry and Spencer produced their own version of the lever action rifle 20 years later that the concept gained any significant traction. Chiappa has produced an excellent offering here with tight build specifications and nearly flawless execution. The simple craftsmanship is elevated by attention to detail and finishes that you wouldn’t find on most other lever guns at anywhere close to the price point. Constitutional Conservative. all the way up to the biggest game on the continent (more than 800 lbs.) You are not going to bring down an adult black bear with a 30-30 lever action rifle. He wielded his lever action 1892 Winchester with testosterone-driven alacrity. In most cases, the best known in the line of lever action rifles has to be the Winchesters. But it’s built to both perform at a high level and last for generations. The rubber grip combines with a padded stock to make this much more comfortable to shoot than the average gun. But it’s there. And without that type of cultural reinforcement the lever action rifle lost some of its swagger. Henry was also the first company to remove the magazine from the stock and place it in a tube under the barrel. products sale. Takedown is quick and easy. This is a light, nimble, versatile, dependable rifle for mid-sized game, including whitetail; provided they’re within a hundred yards or so. A shooting family that needs something fun and practical and wants a legacy piece of hardware that will outlast their own lifetimes. Those who already load or shoot the .300 Winchester Magnum rounds. Marlin Firearms in New Haven, CT produced their first lever action rifle in 1881. Those who want a large caliber rifle that can use a huge variety of loads, but do not want to handload. That’s all that’s needed to convert the 41-inch rifle into a … This is about as good as it gets in the Winchester brand line and Winchester is the original lever action that had longevity (Colt produced the first generation of lever action rifles in the 1830’s). The situational variability that a lever action rifle allows a shooter can allow for a single gun to work across the board for just about anything they desire. Instead, production is in the more than capable hands of the Miroku Co. of Japan who are producing 1894s that are as good or better than any produced in an earlier era. That had to be done separately. From the rosewood pistol grip, AAA maple stock and satin, nickel finish receiver, the gun is a sight to behold. A dovetailed ramp is machined on top of the receiver, allowing snap-on aftermarket Picatinny interfaces or 3/8" rings, making the gun optics-ready. You can get this gun in different calibers, but this .45 LC variant is a sweet shooter and offers great follow up capability, a large loop and a fast swing because of the tight, compact size and slim lines, and the 16.5 inch barrel. Browning is a long-time maker of modern lever actions and it shows the first time you cycle the action. A take-down rifle chambered in caliber .44RM or .357 Mag, and featuring the time-proven 1892 action, the Alaskan delivers serious knock-down power when using Hornady Lever evolution ammunition which the action is specifically tuned for. Some of these are: Good Sporting Rifles. Inside that range, however, they can be as accurate as the next hunting rifle. And with its 20 inch barrel it offers better than average accuracy for a lever action rifle. It still does. The bolt movement, and the lever draw action is exceptionally smooth compared to a majority of the field who would call themselves competitors. Something everyone appreciates when the weather is foul and opportunity arises. Out of stock. This expanded the utility of the lever action rifle as a hunting gun. Though some of that has to do with the new adjustable rifle sight the company has added to the mix. Magazine Capacity – 4 The Spencer repeating rifle was adopted by Union forces and used extensively during the Civil War. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a sample of the Marlin, so I replaced it with something out of my own collection, a custom-stocked Crickett bolt action. Weight – 6.5 lbs. Finish – Blued This extends the range of this utilitarian rifle by at least 20% over most rifles in the category and gives a large variety of loadout options for the shooter that needs more than the .30-30 on ballistics, and wants a flatter shooting cartridge for big game than the .45-70 Govt. The Yellow Boy features a 19 inch octagonal barrel and chambers a .38 special round. Cartridge : 243 Win Where was the Marlin 336. Who ever done research certainly missed the boat. The hunter who has used a Rossi before and understands the high quality for good price exchange that is present. Chiappa 1886 Ridge Runner Take Down Rifle - 45-70 Gov't, 18.5" Barrel, Matte Blue . But how many people these days even remember The Rifleman (7)? Not the least of which is the excellent laminate stock that is made for heavy duty use in wet weather and will not warp or swell or take on water. Iron or Glass. Barrel length – 18.5” Cartridge : 44 Magnum And that trend continues. The rifle has a two-position receiver mounted safety lever, as well as a shell deflector. If you found any image copyrighted to yours, please contact us, so we can remove it. If the Spencer Repeating Rifle had a drawback it’s that the lever action did not cock the hammer. The shooter who absolutely needs a smaller form factor for transportation or needs an open design for cleaning reasons. Hand checkered grade-A walnut furniture that features a pistol grip along with two-barrel contours available (an octagonal 26 inch barrel and a lightweight round variant in 22 inches), show off the smooth lines of the original 1886 rifle. CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine Review: How good is it? But there are actually good reasons why they tend to cost more, including the fact that more steel and hardwood is used in their construction. My intention was to pick three semiautomatic takedown rifles: Henry Repeating Arms's AR-7 Survival rifle, Ruger's highly popular 10/22 takedown and Marlin's Model 70PSS. It’s also the only firearm that was the central character in a long-running TV show (The Rifleman). Cartridge : 30-30 Win Including the most popular rifle ever made, the Winchester 1894, which is now made for Winchester by Miroku of Japan. This rifle is not cheap. This is a great option for those who want fast follow up shots and a higher velocity caliber. Browning fans who want something very unique. A collector that wants a functional, useable rifle that still has some practical shooting value. The folks at Uberti have done their homework, creating a beautiful hunting rifle that is as powerful and dependable as it is handsome. Real users of their rifles who will put a gun through its paces. Overall length – 36” Weight – 6.5 lbs. Lever action rifles are expensive – Most people, when they first look into purchasing a lever action rifle, are surprised to find they are typically more expensive than semi-automatics. empty, Built for any kind of weather and easy maintenance, Unmatched attention to detail for this price point, May be a bit TOO PRACTICAL for some shooters who have a romanticized idea of the lever action rifle, 5 pounds of rifle can be handled by any shooter, Special quality of fit and finish, especially given the price point, Will cycle just about any .22LR ammunition, The level of fun is hard to match from any gun, You can find guns cheaper than this (though you can’t find a better value for money in the specific segment it plays in), Accurate despite the lower profile barrel and low overall weight (7.25 lbs. But for rifles chambering a 30-30 round, the recoil is typically pretty modest. Higher quality walnut and good quality iron sights round out a very unique build for the .22 platform. A lever action rifle allows fast followup shots – Lever action rifles allow for faster followup shots than bolt action rifles. It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Finish – High gloss Hunters sometimes encounter this same problem. Cartridge : 38 Special Best Non-Traditional Caliber Lever Action Rifle. Cartridge : 45 Long Colt With many manufacturers in the industry, Marlin has been the leading company in making the best lever-action rifles for many generations. Using the same receiver and action as Marlin’s classic .22LR Model 60 and 795 series of autoloaders, the Model 70P Papoose is a proven design that has … Any shooter would be proud to have this rifle in their safe. Cartridge : 30-30 Win There was lots of bad blood and production was halted while they moved to their new location in Ilion, New York. Even at long-range they can be more than adequate if fitted out with high-quality optics. People also forget that, just as the Great Recession was taking hold, Marlin also went through a very messy divorce with North Haven CT, where their lever action rifles had been made for more than 140 years (1).