Let's be smart about this. Michelle and I both have high hopes that we'll have no problem finding the assets we need, and hopefully forming some lasting relationships with the outside world. Note: In the Living Quarters, accessing this command unlocks the door to the Executive Dorm (which leads to) or stairway to the upper Concourse. From: Michael Robinson ERROR 0x00B636C6 Note: There are four of these wall terminals located throughout the Vault. Hey buddy, thanks for the advice. I know these things are supposed to last forever, but I'm a little nervous working with just one spare. Many of you have asked why we don't have team dedicated to security. From: Vincent Vanmiller - Mike, From: George Stault She's pretty upset. I hope you feel the same way. VAULT AUTOMATED MESSAGE SYSTEM. Jen, From: Vincent Vanmiller 4) Book in the Box - (Vault … To: William Mayson To: Michelle Dallian Michelle, Hi Jenny! The Weapons Issue Port Window Assembly is the perfect addition to an arms and weapons vault, providing the ability to issue items from inside the […] - Mike, From: Michael Robinson Allowing people to come in and out of the Vault unscheduled, can only lead to trouble. I'm sure the outside hasn't recovered. The wasteland isn't as dangerous as I thought it was. Sincerely, I'm going to do whatever I can to keep our friends and family safe, and if that means taking our exposure to the outside world slow, and keeping to ourselves (outside of what we need, of course), then that is what I'm going to push for. No one knows what it is going to be like out there. George, The Vault 3 terminals are a collection of terminal entries from Vault 3 in Fallout: New Vegas. Many of you have asked why we don't have team dedicated to security. Next time, maybe we can have breakfast together as well. I am honored to serve as your Overseer for the next term, and hopefully beyond. Michelle, Many of the heavy weapons and large powerups are locked up, so the more codes are … 3.2 Upcoming Election 3.3 Thank You! I'm not sure what Michael is planning, but I suggest that you leave the weapons in those two submerged storerooms. Sarah and I are going to be organizing you into teams. 3.4 Weapon Lockers 3.5 Unlock Storage Room Doors 4 Broken terminal 5 Terminal 5.1 Compose Automated Blast Message 5.2 V03WillEmail1 5.3 V03WillEmail2 5.4 … RESIDENTS: The opening protocols for the Vault door have begun. I really need someone with your keen interpersonal insights for dealing with the people outside. It is locked Very Easy. Unfortunately, this means that we are going to have to start rationing our water. This Gun Safe from Gun Vault has a convenient shelf for spare ammunition, magazines or flashlight and discreetly fits in most standard closets. TruckVault is the most recognized name brand for vehicle equipment storage solutions in the sports, law enforcement and public safety markets. I can't believe it took us this long to sit down and talk. It was great getting a chance to talk to you. REMINDER: The Vault elections are coming up, the primaries start two weeks from today. In addition, its heavy-duty 3/4-inch galvanized steel construction also provides it with the long-lasting durability needed to stand up under harsh conditions. The locker code combination is DCM. File Locker ID 328 Rarity Epic Type Item Storage Slots 4 Slots (2x2) Storage 36 Slots (6x6) Health 600 Range 4 Radius 0.5 Offset 0.75 Special Locked Explosion 36 The Lockeris an Epic Item Storage in Unturned 3. Let's be safe and smart. Note: There are four of these wall terminals located throughout the Vault. Vincent, From: Vincent Vanmiller Greetings Everyone, Many features of the prison are considered top secret and will not be revealed to the public. I can't believe you are going forward with this naïve idea that the world is going to be peaceful and welcoming to us. - Mike. Why TruckVault? Michelle, please reconsider. To: *ALL RESIDENTS* To: Daniel Raati I know we don't talk that often, but I feel like we really clicked last night. Lightweight, yet rugged, built of aluminum tread plate. It is locked Hard. Sincerely, SoftLock Solutions, Inc To: *ALL RESIDENTS* Note: There are two of these terminals located in the Western Dorms. Note: This desk terminal is located on a desk in the southwestern-most room of the southern dorms. To: All Residents There are several e-mails that were cut from the game. Dear Lincoln, To: *ALL RESIDENTS* The Razor Crest is a pre-Empire military gunship so it may not originally be a locker, again for ease of access, but if you are transporting bounties you might want to change that.